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Native Sons – The Natives Are Restless Award winner

Native Sons
The Natives Are Restless
by Will Travers at 08 May 2021, 12:25 PM

NATIVE SONS have had a slightly turbulent start to the project. With the original concept being shelved a few years back before Ashton returned to push through the album “The Natives Are Restless”. Clearly there is dedication to the music already, but what of the finished and released product? Well, let’s delve in. The artwork plays to the band and albums name, showing a silhouetted Native American astride a horse.

Opening the album is “Silver Lining” with a smooth guitar intro before the main body comes sliding into my speakers. The silky vocals of Ashton just flow effortlessly through the track. I can see the track going down a treat on the live circuit if I am totally honest, the Blues / Hard Rock stylings really came together in a truly delectable combination. “Had Enough Of Me” and “Here And Now” really spoke to me, the stylings were really starting to give me some DEEP PURPLE sample vibes (especially the keys in the back track!).

“Master Of My Fate” came across as a more stripped back and vulnerable track; whilst not compromising any of the real meat from the bones of the music. But what stood out to me, was a real dusty and just sublime solo toward the latter stages of the track, it really complimented the overall effect of the track and just rounded off a stellar performance. But if you want a real stripped back track, look no further than “One Another” the acoustic track could really be used as anything, a love song for a couple, an ode to a group of great friends and compatriots or even just a song to remind two siblings they are there for one another. Delicate, full of expression and leaving the listener feeling completely exposed, very well done.

“The Key” sees off the album in a strong manner. Really pulling back to those Blues stylings, but what really pricked my ears up was that I knew this song… I can not place where and it is really annoying me but I have heard this song many years ago and I got this overwhelming feeling of nostalgia… If only I could place where the hell from!

Overall, Ashton claimed this to be some of the best work of his career so far and I can see why. Musically the record is sound, structurally it flows excellently and “The Key” is going to haunt my mind for some time yet! The styles changed throughout the album, there were shades of DEEP PURPLE, BON JOVI, ALICE IN CHAINS and BLACK STONE CHERRY. But most of all, this is just a solid album that is worth anyone’s time listening to.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Silver Lining
2. Had Enough Of Me
3. Here And Now
4. Monster
5. Master Of My Fate
6. Full Circle
7. Crazy Enough
8. One Another
9. Peacemaker
10. The Key
Ashton Blake – Vocals
Diego Grimaldo – Guitar
Kevyn Amici – Bass
Adan Amici – Drums
Record Label: HighVolMusic


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