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Nattas - Inde Deus Abest (CD)

Inde Deus Abest
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 04 April 2008, 1:19 PM

What should I expect from a band with such name and a logo that contains two upside down crosses? Definitely not what I listened to in Inde Deus Abest. Oh, and just for your info, the crosses are not the only thing that is upside down here. NATTAS is basically Sattan written backwards. Seems pretty interesting to you, huh? It did to me, too. That's why I chose to review this album.

The Swedish maniacs NATTAS were formed in 1999, but this is the first time I come across this name. They released several demo CD's, something that helped them sign a contract with Kuravilu Productions and release an EP entitled Salvation. Just after that release, the band left Kuravilu and signed a contract with the underground Black Metal label Agonia Records. There, they released their debut album At Ease With The Beast in 2004.

I don't know why, but the band changed label again and is now part of the Sweden based Emrinc Records. Let's see for how long they can last there! Anyway, NATTAS is almost a typical melodic Black/Thrash Metal band, something that can be found everywhere in Sweden. You probably know that the Swedish sound has flooded the market and a few releases can attract someone's interest anymore. The fact is that even though Inde Deus Abest is generally in a mediocre level, NATTAS show that they have some more than great ideas that can be used to create music that will kick some major ass.

Except from the classic and kind of boring relentless drumming, melodic guitar leads combined with frenzy shredding and brutal vocals, NATTAS managed to scatter some really nice ideas here and there, promising that they will definitely come back with much better stuff. You just have to listen to the album's third track Forever Damned. I have really fallen in love with this tune! I have listened to it numerous times and I still can't stop listening to it! The singer's vocals are more than amazing in this song!

I bet these guys can do way better than this, so that's mainly why I don't get completely disappointed saying that this is one more common shitty melodic Black/Thrash Metal band. The Swedish blasphemers can definitely offer some great stuff and I am surely the one to expect to listen to them. You don't have anything to lose checking them out.


3 Star Rating

Crimson Coloured Faces
Forever Damned
Where Is Your God?
Darkest Hours
Black Death
Dynamics Of Pain
Mouth - Vocals
Meanos - Guitar
Ed - Bass
Demonizer - Drums
Record Label: Emrinc Records


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