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Nattverd - Styggdom

by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 07 January 2020, 5:39 AM

NATTVERD is a two-man band from Norway that started in 2010 by Atyr and Ormr. Atyr takes the responsibility of guitar, bass, and drums will be handled by Serpentr. Ormr takes responsibility for the vocals. Atyr play guitar in other bands like NATAS. NATTVERD proceed with dark and cold Black Metal. “Styggdom” is the band’s sophomore release, and contains eight tracks.

“Slakt Dem, Der De Loeper Hodeloese Rundt Baalet” leads off the album. It opens with frightening tones and blood-curling screams, before that familiar Black metal sound comes in. It’s fairly traditional in scope, with rolling drums, a wall of guitars, and screams that would wake the dead. “Dragsvoll” opens with a slower pace at first, then it picks up a bit with a discernible riff. The pacing is hypnotic. It almost sounds like Doom Metal if it weren’t for the Black Metal vocals. “Skoddeskot” has a long lead-in to a mid-tempo pace and a fairly easy riff. It’s harrowing in scope but doesn’t do much else for me.

“Hekesebrann” is a much longer song, opening with a discernible riff before the chaos soon ensues. It has a touch of the melancholy to it, but again, doesn’t do much else for me. It settles into a bit of a groove and also features some spoken female vocals that I can’t quite make out. “Gatelangs i land og rite” opens with a slow groove and some more of those depressive tones. Many of the songs however bleed into one another, and there isn’t much variety here. “Gamle Erik” opens with harrowing tones, like the cold breath of Satan on your neck. Some ritualistic chanting occurs as well. From there, it’s more of the same unfortunately. “Hedinger ad en svart verden” is even more of the same, except for the cool bass guitar interlude, they are relying on the same formula for each track.

“Guds djevelske naervaer” closes the album. They really drive the scary and depressive tones down your throat, and the vocals are raging, but the riffs are just too simple. The main problem I have with the album is the lack of variety they display. The riffs are just too simple to really convey a strong album. They get by mostly on the strength of the vocalist and the frightening tones which are noteworthy, but they need to diversify if they are going to make it in today’s market.

Songwriting: 3
Musicianship: 4
Memorability: 2
Production: 6

2 Star Rating

1. Slakt Dem, Der De Loeper Hodeloese Rundt Baalet
2. Dragsvoll
3. Skoddeskot
4. Heksebraan
5. Gatelangs i land og rite
6. Gamle Erik
7. Hedinger ad en svart verden
8. Guds djevelske naervaer
Atyr – Guitars & Bass
Ormr – Vocals
Serpentr – Drums
Record Label: Osmose Productions


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