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Naughty Boys - Destiny Calls (CD)

Naughty Boys
Destiny Calls
by Grigoris Chronis at 15 October 2009, 7:07 PM

If you have not yet got your brain cells overcooked, here is another Swedish band flirting with Sleaze/Hard Rock as widely seen in this country the last 5-10 years. NAUGHTY BOYS have some kind of distinction, though. They do have the 'hairsprey' labeling in enough songs off this second CD, Destiny Calls, but the hardrocknrollin' stamp is solid and non-removable in their playing. They're twisted but they're also hardrockers (with a modern touch, too). You get - in other words - CRASHDIET and ZAN CLAN but you also get SLAUGHTER (music wise), modern DEF LEPPARD and GOTTHARD (or D.A.D.) in this album.
The band had released their R U Naughty Enough debut in 2007 and here's a new collection of songs with enough balls and some good hooks/melodies that even pure melody rockers may find teasing. I would not say there are pale moments in this CD. The band has worked hard to come up with a good set of song, they do have clear skills and the result surely is firm and 'pro'. Someone should not expect an extraordinary album, possibly, but Destiny Calls does its job really well.
Listening to the CD for a dozen of times last week I found myself sticking to the melodies of Walk Away, Don't Turn Around and Time, while cuts like Destiny Calls, Head Held High and Fly with The Angels are ideal for a party/club night (the last one is a bluesmakin' rocker). The vocals of Mikael help in this direction; he does not have an impressive voice but he's a good chameleon in between spiting fire and moaning love…His throat is like the band's style: a mix of Steve Lee (GOTTHARD) and Dave Lepard (CRASHDIET) with a little bit of Tobias Sammet (EDGUY - some music parts may bring the German metallers to mind, too). Not to forget, the keys parts are placed elegantly in the album, donating warmth but avoiding the 'candy' Rock path.
Destiny Calls looks to the glorious 80s past, but is also a fresh album with good riffing, hooks and vocals. It is not a weak release, in any way, and there's a certain possibility you'll fall for a couple of tunes. Not much more to say; go get it if U R a naughty but also tender-hearted kinda person.

3 Star Rating

Destiny Calls
Walk Away
Endless Pain
Don't Turn Around
Light Of The Day
Head Held High
Runaway Train
Fly With The Angels
Mikael Sandvik - Vocals
Morgan Valentin - Keyboard
Hans Olsson - Guitar
Jonas Ludvigsson - Drums
Vacant - Bass
Record Label: N Records


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