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Naumachia - Callous Kagathos (CD)

Callous Kagathos
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 11 October 2008, 10:27 AM

Don't tell me that you think that this is a brand new album by some X band! Didn't you notice the Metal Mind Productions name? Of course we have to deal with one more re-release. You know the story, the album was released as part of a magazine, Metal Mind re-releases it and how weird, the band hails from Poland!

I don't know why, but many bands thought that it would not be so hard to try to achieve what their country mates BEHEMOTH have achieved and have been devoted to playing Black/Death Metal. To be more precise, the band tries to mix melodic Death Metal with some melodic/symphonic Black Metal elements to create quite an interesting kind of extreme music, though it is not something I hear for the first time. Their music is something between BEHEMOTH, DIMMU BORGIR and HATE. I guess that if you are a Death Metal fan who likes his coffee black just like his Metal, then a decent Black/Death album wouldn't be such a bad choice if you have some spare money.

3 Star Rating

Modern Victimology
Speculus Mundi
Shanguine Harvest
Minimum Fatal Dose
Fuga - Instrumental
Morsus Ora
Ancient Breed
Deadly Threshold (bonus track)
Soyak - Vocals, Guitar
Armand - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Koshen - Keyboards

Session Musicians:
Hord Beraht - Drums
Luxas - Bass, Clean Vocals
Record Label: Metal Mind Productions


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