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Nawabs of Destruction – Rising Vengeance Award winner

Nawabs of Destruction
Rising Vengeance
by Justin "Witty City' Wittenmeier at 29 March 2020, 12:44 AM

NAWABS OF DESTRUCTION are a Technical/Atmospheric/Progressive Death Metal band from Bangladesh.  If their subgenre description seems like it includes a lot that is simply because it is very fitting. “Rising Vengeance,” the bands first full length, is an extreme Metal album filled with a lot of variety, ideas, and intensity.

Their overall sound is, of course, Death Metal.  Despite the leanings of other styles that permeate into their songs, NAWABS OF DESTRUCTION focused the vibe of “Rising Vengeance,” along the lines of a brutal curve.  The vocalist, Saad Anwar, is especially potent in his delivery—I quickly discovered the band’s musical variety spills over into the vocals as well.  On the album’s opening track, “Beginning of the End,” the first vocals we hear aren’t his deep growls but a very Progressive Metal styled clean vocal.  The lines delivered are expressive with emotional weight and to be honest, his cleans remind me a lot of Russel Allen from SYMPHONY X.

Musically the song is also built upon Progressive structures.  The first minute or so is nothing but music—it serves as a nice intro and build up to the album. The bass lines can be heard clearly, an aspect that a lot of other bands of this style can’t always get right but they nail it down here.  I was impressed how the music and vocals compliment each other—both going down darker routes together but also exploring the lighter side.  The first half of the track alternates between clean passages and vocals during the stanzas but the Death Metal goes full force during the chorus. The last part suddenly takes huge gains into speed and style with tightly focused guitar riffs that lead into a Thrash Metal infused ending.

The title track, “Rising Vengeance,” is a burner due in no small part to the unrelenting double bass.  The riffs and keys lightly accent the songs burgeoning moments, lending some more Prog while doubling down on the atmosphere.  Some Blackened theatrical elements find their way into the track around the two minute mark, an excellent way to transition into a surprisingly moving guitar solo.  The track’s ending is an effective mixture of guitar and keys that swirl into the mix of another great solo and vocal performance.

Reincarnation,” is the longest track on the album—this one has strong Technical Death Metal leanings—the beginning wouldn’t sound out of place on a NECROPHAGIST album.  However, the track doesn’t compromise songwriting for song writing prowess.  In fact, this one of the strongest tracks on the album in terms of the writing.  For being about seven minutes long, it never gets bored despite throwing a lot into it.  A soulful guitar solo breaks apart the Tech Death and bring his a smooth ocean rise of melodic, atmospheric Prog that could easily be a long lost DREAM THEATER song, in terms of presentation.  The song slowly ramps back up into Death Metal but with more a melodic aspect. The solo is rather impressive and mind boggling.

Sleep Paralysis,” is one of the more intense tracks on the album, centered by speedy Death Metal riffs and even deeper, more sinister growls. The tracks mid section is IMMOLATION style—dark, dissonant riffs. “Rise of the Warlords,” is one of my favorite tracks from the track because the song is presented in such a way that you never know what is going to happen in it.  The song opens with ethereal keys and cutting, clear guitar solo that comes out of the fog like a beacon.  Then pure Death Metal fury comes alive, complete with a barrage of drums and those deep growls that still sound intelligible.  Just when I thought I had the track figured out, it gets even faster with keys that shine brightly, opening the door for a soaring yet melodic guitar solo.

Clean but creepy guitar notes, and a short but sweet solo, open the track, “The Evil Within,” which has a strong Egyptian style sound to it, not unlike NILE.  The band doesn’t play it safe though and continue that tried and true formula; they put their own spin on it with a well done clean vocal passage that still remains grounded in Death Metal, what with the drums and bass laying down a hard set rhythm section.

The shortest track, “In The Verge of Death,” is a concentrated burst of energetic Death Metal that focuses on pummeling the listener into a pulp with a riff based song structure.  A short but very heavy track. The last track, “The Merciless,” shows the band trying their hand at Melodic Death Metal—and doing it with expert craftsmanship—this band can truly do anything it and pull it off with apparent ease. The vocals go from searing to gentle and melodic—the passage of clean vocals backed back super crunchy riffs and melodic leads/keys from 2:30 to 3:05 is truly a stunning moment.

With “Rising Vengeance,” NAWABS OF DESTRUCTION have written a truly stunning debut that proves that even the most extreme Metal can still make you think and pull on emotional strings.  The band weaves in and out of various sounds, creating a rich atmosphere that retains all the qualities of the heaviest extreme metal.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Beginning of the End
2. Rising Vengeance
3. Reincarnation
4. Sleep Paralysis
5. Rise of the Warlords
6. The Evil Within
7. In The Verge of the Death
8. The Merciless
Saad Anwar - Vocals
Taawkir Tajammul – Guitars, Keys
Record Label: Pathologically Explicit Recordings


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Edited 04 December 2022

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