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Nazareth - Surviving the Law Award winner

Surviving the Law
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 25 May 2022, 1:08 PM

What’s the reason for a band with more than 30 years of existence to keep on the road, after all? Such question can have many different answers, but one point must be stated: Rock ‘n’ Roll is addictive, so one just can’t retire as the old feeling is there. Some are retired in activity (the ones who are just living off their pasts), but some really have something to offer, as the Scottish quartet NAZARETH. Their latest album, “Surviving the Law” shows it clearly.

A giant on Hard Rock during the 70’s (who released masterpieces as “Razamanaz” (1973) and “Hair of the Dog” (1975)), the band is still active. But even after 54 years of blowing speakers and expelling organic music, they’re still here. And the album shows their classic musical work, filled with that old and good filthy feeling with nasty and catchy sets of melodies. Of course one can’t ask to veterans to change things and to fit in modern musical paradigms, so be prepared, because they’re still wild and in great shape, smashing years with energy. The 25th album of the band presents Yann Rouiller as producer (the same one who worked with them on “Tattooed On My Brain”), with all the works done at Sub Station, in Scotland. All to create the right organic feeling that their musical work needs, but with things defined and in their due places. It sounds modern and strong, but true with the band’s musical identity.

The 14 songs of “Surviving the Law” are testimony of a band that doesn’t need to retire soon, because they’re still delivering great music. As proof, one can take a bite on “Strange Days” (a nasty Rock ‘n’ Roll song, based on a strong set of melodies, with vocals and backing working perfectly), “You Gotta Pass It Around” (a song with excellent melodic ambiences based on excellent guitars), “Runaway” (a frantic and accessible song that imposes a grasp on the fans in the first hearing), “Better Leave It Out” (some organic vibes inherited from Blues Rock are presented on this one, along with some accessible elements), “Mind Bomb” (a might Hard Rock blow, with a thunderous work heard on bass guitar and drums), “Falling in Love” (what an abrasive feeling, with an excellent weighty insight), “Sinner” (another frantic Hard Rock filled with a massive energy), “Ciggies & Booze” (another combination of melodies with organic weight, and what amazing hooks), and “Love Breaks”. But these ones just form a set to begin with, for the album is really great.

For sure many fans and writers will try to compare “Surviving the Law” with the band’s past releases. But the best way to hear it is to forget conceptions and to hear how NAZARETH is in great shape.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Strange Days
2. You Gotta Pass It Around
3. Runaway
4. Better Leave It Out
5. Mind Bomb
6. Sweet Kiss
7. Falling in Love
8. Waiting for the World to End
9. Let the Whisky Flow
10. Sinner
11. Ciggies & Booze
12. Pyscho Skies
13. Love Breaks
14. You Made Me
Carl Sentance - Vocals
Jimmy Murrison - Guitars
Pete Agnew - Bass, Backing Vocals
Lee Agnew - Drums, Backing Vocals
Record Label: Frontiers Music


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