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Nazareth - The Newz (CD)

The Newz
by Grigoris Chronis at 05 June 2008, 9:31 AM

Dan McCafferty is (approx.) 62 years old. And Pete Agnew is even older, one month plus! And 2008 marks the 40th anniversary of the (maybe?) most remarkable/influential Scottish (hard) Rock band. And, if you're familiar with NAZARETH only via their Love Hurts 'hit', then the quartet's latest The Newz CD will probably mean nothing special to you, since you'll certainly have to 'dig' into the band's rich past first. Else, let's see some smile in your face, since the new album is a good one.
NAZARETH's been playing live all across the globe nonstop the last year(s). Some 'second youth' spark? A clear tendency for the real deal, the gigs? Or the 40th anniversary itself? Thing about it, 40 whole years of playing your music. In any way, The Newz - already been released more than a couple of months ago, hence a brief personal 'insight' you may find here only - will strike nice in your ears. The band is a little bit multi-dimensional here, in a more mid-tempo way (e.g. Mean Streets) or featuring a lot of mild/carefree guitar themes (e.g. Enough Love or Gloria) or being 'meinstram' Rock (Day At The Beach), all messing around with McCafferty's distinctive voice. Else, a couple or more of groovy rockers (e.g. Goin' Loco or Liar or Warning or Road Trip) will add some glint to cheer you up.
I'm trying to figure out how the hell this band - whose first album was released in 1971 - can have motive (and what kind of) to sit down and write songs for another album, having passed through (at least) four decades of music, with the relative influences, passions, ups and downs and everything…Phewww…Watching NAZARETH onstage (had the pleasure to deal with this activity twice in my life, so far), the band/fans interaction is a good criteria to follow the vibe and write some vivid stuff. With nearly all 13 tracks being non-complex, but with an extra dose of consciousness…hell yeah, what does NAZARETH has to prove to the world of hardhittin' Rock? Dan's like wine; the older he gets, the better. Pete Agnew's guidance is imminent and 'profound', in a way, and you cannot escape the wow, they still have it! thought. Related to Boogaloo (released ten years ago!), all I can say is that The Newz is more 'stable' in general. Or is it only my summary, due to being a 'fresh' new album itself?
From the band that a whole portion of Rock/Metal ideals origin, The Newz stands tall. The album's both old-fashioned and spanking new. Thanks to the 'RETH recipe.
P.S.: The songs are not 13, as listed. A 'hidden' track may surprise you…Spooky…

3 Star Rating

Goin' Loco
Day At The Beach
See Me
Enough Love
Mean Streets
Road Trip
Keep On Travellin'
Loggin' On
The Gathering
Dying Breed
Dan McCafferty - Vocals
Jimmy Murrison - Guitar
Pete Agnew - Bass
Lee Agnew - Drums
Record Label: Edel Records


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