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Nazghor - Diabolical Teachings Award winner

Diabolical Teachings
by Aaron "Five Magics" Price at 09 August 2015, 1:57 AM

With a blasting intro, vocals from Satan himself, and harmonious guitar parts, you're welcome to the madness known as NAZGHOR and their new album "Diabolical Teachings." NAZGHOR bring a standard second wave of Black Metal sound to their music but incorporate more harmonies in their guitar than the majority of early Black Metal bands to give a higher sense of power to the instrumentals.

Throughout the music I find myself asking, how would vocalist Nekhrid pull this off live? In a lot of cases he's shouting out so many verses in such rapid succession that it sounds like he doesn't have a chance to catch his breath between lines. The album has an aspect I really live, to anyone who has seen WATAIN's live show they'll know what I'm talking about, Nekhrid takes a moment to say little things throughout the album that sounds like he is taking on a proper Satanic ritual. This album is true "Diabolical Teachings" and alone from listening to it, sounds like NAZGHOR would put on an incredible live experience.

The first actual song "The Left Hang Of Baphomet," incorporates everything you can expect from this album and leads it in well, starting with a guitar harmony before the blast of sound comes in from the drums, bass and distorting the guitars. Nekhrid shouts out each line rapidly, taking you on a journey of Black Metal and what Black Metal should be with obvious influences from old Swedish and Norwegian bands that started the sound and I personally hear early WATAIN in their music and their performance. After devastating their way through the music, Nekhrid takes a moment before the next song begins to say a couple lines concluding with "hail Satan" and the next song enters the soundwave.

NAZGHOR are a style of Black Metal I enjoy, taking the essence of the second wave of Black Metal and adding their own incorporations to it, this album is raw, but produced. In that I mean the music itself sounds raw, but the album isn't just sound, NAZGHOR have found a fine line between modern production and old Black Metal that puts them in the running as a strong force in the new wave of Black Metal!

4 Star Rating

1. Versus Sanctus
2. The Left Hand Of Baphomet
3. Sever The Ties Become The Antichrist
4. One With Obscurity
5. Cremation The Satanic Rite
6. The Dark Souls Of An Imminent Posterity
7. Casus In Noctem
8. The Alter Whisper
9. Eternal Depth Of Faith For The Unholy Abyss
10. Diabolical Teachings
Nekhrid - Vocals
Armageddor - Guitars
Angst - Guitars
Crowlech - Bass
Rimfrost - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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