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Nazghor - Infernal Aphorism Award winner

Infernal Aphorism
by Bruno Diniz at 14 October 2017, 11:47 PM

Non Serviam Records was certainly the producer that impressed me the most in this year of 2017. Releases like "The Selected Breed" from IN REVERENCE and "Where Hatred Dwells And Darkness Reigns" from ZORNHEYM, besides the subject of this review of course, are releases that really brightened the extreme metal world scene this year. This time they perform another masterpiece from the band NAZGHOR, which since 2013 has been releasing one or two Full-Lengths albums every year, maintaining an incredible quality on all works.

The sixth album of the band "Infernal Aphorism" brings with it a powerful Black Metal, having as its differential the ability to make a well connected  classic style of the genre without leaving the melodic sonority aside, thus pleasing both extreme fans and to those who enjoy more rhythmic work.

The occult quintet is formed by Nekhrid (Vocals), Armageddor (Guitars), Angst (Guitars), Crowlech (Bass), Cosmarul (Drums) and covers subjects like Satanism, Nullification of religious existence in its lyrics. The production is simply fantastic and the mix is intentionally dirtier to resemble the raw way of the genre.

The album is started by an "Opus Profanus", which is a dark introduction narrative in an atmosphere of warfare, for the next nine tracks. "Malignant Possession" comes next and shows many of the features that will be used throughout the job. Fast bass, drums in blast beats almost all the time, a more distant and very aggressive vocal and a guitar lead always fast and melodic in tune with the vocal and mostly beyond the base guitar with blunt riffs. There is some time shift near its end making room for another narrative, and then it returns the same narrative.

"Decretion At Eschaton" comes even more melodic and has as its highlight the surprise that it provides returning very fierce during all the times that we think it will decrease the pace. "The Darkness Of Eternity" has a rising intro and heavy metal riffs in the early 90's, which interweaves with a beautiful harmony between longer and antagonizing vocals with repetitive and fast beats. "Rite Of Repugnant Fury" flees a little from the rest of the album as well as "Infernal Aphorism" counting with some slow longer passage and drag leading to a certain experimental atmosphere. The highlight of the album goes to "Absence Of Light," the second longest track of the work that achieves cadenced passages with agonized screams and a brilliant piano during its listening.

Even considering that "Infernal Aphorism" does not bring great variations between its tracks, it is important to say that the album at any moment does not appear repetitive or tiring, being able to be heard several times. Once again NAZGHOR does an excellent job showing that he is a serious candidate to leave the underground scene and look for bigger flights.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Opus Profanus
2. Malignant Possession
3. Decretion At Eschaton
4. The Darkness Of Eternity
5. Deathless Serpent
6. Rite Of Repugnant Fury
7. Ephemeral Hunger
8. Spawns Of All Evil
9. Absence Of Light
10. Infernal Aphorism 
Nekhrid – Vocals
Armageddor – Guitars
Angst – Guitars
Crowlech – Bass
Cosmarul – Drums
Record Label: Non Serviam Records


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