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Neaera - Ours Is The Storm

Ours Is The Storm
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 21 February 2013, 12:53 PM

"Ours If The Storm”, rarely do I get to sit in front of an album’s title that actually describes that entire proceedings of an album. Just as the title suggests, you will be evident to an oncoming hurricane, a typhoon of anger, disenchantment and anguish screaming loudly against the world for not keeping a promise for the better things in life. So much anger and disgust of the current state of affairs, but also fear of what will come next, what the future holds for us. Throughout the last decade I have only listened to bits and pieces out of the German melodic Death Metal / Metalcore band NEAERA formed an bred by the wish to contemplate between Swedish melodic Death Metal of the late 90s al’a IN FLAMES, DARK TRANQUILLITY and AT THE GATES along with modern succinct lines of refined Metalcore in the vein of HEAVEN SHALL BURN, ALL SHALL PERISH and AS I LAY DYING. Keeping their relations with Metal Blade intact for almost ten years, NEAERA released “Ours Is The Storm”, coming in as their sixth release.

Though claiming to perform a few alterations in their style, NEAERA proved that their choice of weapons was to stick close to the same ideas that made them emerge in the first place. In general, even with a great production that revealed a fine production team and also the band’s great musical abilities, I didn’t find anything that distinguishable between “Ours If The Storm” and others of the same calibre. Furthermore, as the music takes a steady trip down the stretch, there are also frequent repetition as far as the tracks go. More or less, NEAERA have been clinging to the same song structures starring with a nice and catchy, sometimes even more than your average common melody that has been associated with that kind of Death Metal, lead guitar lick that handles the melodic end of each song. Only several songs, like “Walk With Fire”, “Ascend To Chaos“, “Between Us and Annihilation“ and “My Night Is Starless” were indeed upgraded with a fine rhythmic cold like atmosphere, taking charge of enchanting the main riffing and the screamo / mid-range growling, which on several segments of the tracks sounded anaemic and lacklustre. I guess that NEAERA came to the notion that without composing a sensation that will engulf the tracks that music will be forever numb and monotonic no matter how the melodic edges will turn out in the end.

“Slaying The Wolf Within” proved to be the band’s peak moment of the entire release. I took pleasure of most of the band’s lead guitar licks slashing in a spirited melody al’a the old Gothenburg era, yet I believe that this song is both aggressive flashing the massiveness of old Death Metal along with Hardcore, especially with mixed vocal lines, but also with a prolific melodic sense that descended deeper than others and actually made a difference. In a nutshell, NEAERA stick to their guns, and as well on this one, I didn’t find any sort of innovation. Their material is rather one dimensional thus the fronting as well. I think that the production setting is pretty good, showing the band’s power and appreciation for the contemporary sound. NEAERA is a fine prospect but still one of those bands. 

3 Star Rating

1. The Deafening
2. Ours Is The Storm
3. Decolonize The Mind
4. Through Treacherous Flames
5. Ascend To Chaos
6. Walk With Fire
7. My Night Is Starless
8. Black Tomb
9. Between Us and Annihilation
10. Slaying The Wolf Within
11. Back To The Soul
12. Guardian of Ashes
Benjamin Hilleke - Vocals
Tobias Buck - Guitar
Stefan Keller - Guitar
Sebastian Heldt - Drums
Benjamin Donath - Bass
Record Label: Metal Blade Records


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