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Nebiros - VII Award winner

by Marcos “Big Daddy” Garcia at 07 July 2015, 10:38 PM

Deep into the very depths of the underground, there are many bands that really survive using the will to empower their decision to be alive and still relevant. Yes, besides many don’t really don’t know, they are there, struggling to be heard and to gather fans, one by one. And we can say that these guys from NEBIROS are warriors, in activity since 1997, still on fighting and still showing very good works. And these Polish guys that live in Germany still have great songs to offer, as their new album, “VII”, shows us clearly.

They play a very good way of Black Metal in the SWOBM vein, but with some features that are different, as the use of keyboards (to create a darkened and morbid atmosphere, using somber sounds or pianos), using some fast tempos here, another ones slower there, but always with a very god taste. By the way, they are pretty aggressive and full of energy, searching for a way to play Black Metal of their own. Their mix of very good harsh shriek vocals, excellent guitar riffs (some of them reminding the style and power from masters as Morgan and Euronymous), some good solos, a thunderous and heavy rhythmic session, along the wise use of keyboards is here to make us deaf. Yes, they are a very good band, indeed!

The sound quality is good. No complains about the clarity or the heavy grasp it has, and even that darkened feeling, that essential dirtiness the style demands, is present. So there’s nothing to complain about.

Of course the whole album is very good, but songs as “Zakon Czarny” (very good use of charming moments with guitars in the beginning, and a slow paced massacre done with intense guitar riffs), “Boga Cialo” (a more aggressive and fast song, with very good drumming), the technical and furious “Matka Kurwa” (very good tempo changes, fine keyboards, melodic solos and very good vocals. And there are some modern Metal influences on the song), the wonderful “Galaxis” (work done by bass guitar and drums again, and the song has a charming grasp due the use of clean moments), and the fast “Ponure Ciene” (but filled with fine riffs, and great rhythmic changes) are their finest moments.

These guys will really conquest you all, so give them a chance. Or, being more sincere with you, give a chance to yourselves!

4 Star Rating

1. Intro: VII
2. Zakon Czarny
3. Boga Ciało
4. Matka Kurwa
5. Galaxis
6. Jabol
7. Na Placu Piekła
8. Staruch
9. Ponure Ciene
10. Pożądanie
11. Legion
12. Outro
Blachur - Guitars, Vocals
Wyvern - Guitars
RobVIII - Bass
Christ Belzebub - Drums
Record Label: Folter Records


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