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Nebula – Transmission From Mothership Earth

Transmission From Mothership Earth
by Phil Tyler at 24 September 2022, 4:12 AM

NEBULA are a Stoner Rock/Psychedelic Rock  band from Los Angeles and Transmission From Mothership Earth is their seventh album released by HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS Records. Whereas Doom Metal brings the riff, Stoner Metal brings the spliff and NEBULA bring all manner of psychedelic drug-addled fuzzy song writing on “Transmissions From Mothership Earth.” This is their seventh album in a 25 year career and the band were first formed by Eddie Glass and ex-drummer Ruben Romano after FU MANCHU split in 1997. I’m not really familiar with Stoner Rock as it’s not a genre I have particularly listened to and I’m anti-drugs (just saying). However good music is good music so I sit back, take a deep lungful (of air) and inhale the ambience.

“Highwired” opens up the album with a fuzzy riff punctuated by weird space-like noises and a distant echoed vocal that I could barely make out. The song isn’t particularly memorable though the production (apart from the vocal) is decent. “Transmission From The Mothership” doesn’t sound dissimilar to the opening track though after the first minute, the riff changes as though its a completely different song and then changes again. It’s a little jarring as is “Wilted Flowers” which becomes a bit of a drug-addled mess.

“Surround me in a sea of drugs.” (I think you already are mate…) sings Eddie (who on this track reminded me of Kory Clarke from WARRIOR SOUL who has also had his fair share of drink/drugs). “Melt Your Head” probably will as you try to make sense of the vocals that are way too low in the mix. However the second half of the album is much better. Throat-warbling introduces the 70s with “Warzone Speedwulf” being a much more interesting track that, at over 7 minutes, has space to breathe and add variety.  Vocals are clearer and it has a cool riff and some nice lead guitar. 4 minutes in, there’s a cool bass riff that propels the rest of the song along.

Then comes my favourite track on the album “I Got So High” where the vocals are clear. The song has a nice groove to it and a great chorus and this is definitely psychedelic rock done right, Later on it speeds up with a bass and guitar riff and some cool lead. An excellent track. The album ends on “The Four Horsemen”, a soundtrack to a Tarantino western where there is some excellent drumming by Michael and what sounds like a rumbling train in the distance at the beginning and end of the song.

NEBULA have produced an album that to me is too little hit and mostly miss with “Warzone Speedwulf” and “I Got So High” being the best songs on an album that doesn’t warrant repeat listens. A spotty production particularly in the vocals doesn’t help either. Music is definitely my drug of choice but I think on this album, it would be too easy to go cold turkey without any side effects.

Songwriting: 5
Musicianship: 6
Memorability: 5
Production: 5

2 Star Rating

1. Highwired
2. Transmission from the Mothership
3. Wilted Flowers
4. Melt Your Head
5. Warzone Speedwulf
6. I Got So High
7. Existential Blues
8. The Four Horsemen
Eddie Glass – Guitar/Vocals
Tom Davies - Bass
Michael Amster – Drums
Record Label: Heavy Psych Sounds


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