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Nebula VII - Dawn of a New Era

Nebula VII
Dawn of a New Era
by Aaron Eerdekens at 07 June 2015, 9:46 PM

NEBULA VII is a solo project from a guy who goes by the alias of VII, who produces all the sounds and vocals. In his new album, “Dawn of a New Era”, he plays a genre of music he himself calls Experimental Drone Ambient. It’s not really Metal, nor Rock or even Pop, but it sure is experimental indeed.

The “Intro” is just that, an intro song. It’s nothing more than a couple of synthesizers who set the mood for what is yet to come. It sounds pretty dreamy and yet sinister, as does the intro of the second song, “Terminal Intensity Part 1”, which displays the same atmosphere as the previous song. It’s like you’ve landed in a dream world and you’re floating somewhere in between space and earth, not knowing neither caring what the hell is going on. Actually, this could have been an intro song as well. It just keeps going on the same way for seven and a half minutes. At this stage you’re either really into it, or you wonder what in the damn you’re listening to anyway. The latter is applicable in my case.

Next up is “Code of Life”, which is nearly undistinguishable from “Terminal Intensity Part 1”. It seems like the entire album is one whole, one song even. The next song, “Terminal Intensity Part 2”, weirdly sounds less alike its brother than “Code of Life” does and at this point, the album really can’t be over soon enough. It’s become very clear it’s absolutely essential to be in a very relaxed, open-minded mood to be able to fully enjoy this album and this kind of music in general. This makes it really hard to put a score on, to be honest.

After that it’s time for the “Outro”, which is not even the last song of the album. It uses a little more reverb than other songs, but that’s the only noticeable difference from all the rest. “Echo of Space Storms” concludes the album in the same way it has started and has kept on doing in its entirety. It’s more sounds than music, but in the right mood you might enjoy it anyway.

2 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Terminal Intensity Part 1
3. Code of Life
4. Terminal Intensity Part 2
5. Outro
6. Echo of Space Storms
VII - All Synthesizers and Sounds
Record Label: Rigorism Production


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