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Necro Weasel – Isolated and Incompetent Award winner

Necro Weasel
Isolated and Incompetent
by Leanne Evans at 16 April 2021, 5:07 PM

2020 has been both a blessing and a curse – mostly the latter – but in the metal world, the last 12 months has provided an organic creative sanctuary for artists and given fistfuls of time to master their craft and get their creative juices flowing. NECRO WEASEL is no exception. With sonics straight from the fiery pits of hell, and contemporary thematic from today’s societal shitstorm, NECRO WEASEL is a one-man Finnish thrash band and the brainchild of Heikki Jalonen (guitarist of Finnish hardcore punk band VAPAA MAA). The band name was born from the “affectionate” nickname “näätä” - Finnish for “weasel” - Heikki’s friends refer to him as (who needs enemies with friends like that!). After over 20 years of playing in crust, grind, hardcore and punk bands, Heikki has embarked on his own solo project, and created a blistering amalgamation of crossover thrash, perfect for tackling today’s messed up world with full-frontal punk-tinged aggressive brutality. NECRO WEASLE’s EP “Isolated and Incompetent” serves up familiar SLAYER sonics and structure, but with a wonderfully unique and passionate take on pressing topics, such as mental health, anti-fascism and protecting nature. Heikki has cleverly incorporated some familiar faces in the production of “Isolated and Incompetent”, bringing in the backing vocals of Mikko Suikkanen (vocalist for VAPAA MAA) and the artwork – which is wonderfully drab to reflect the shocking environmental state of our world – is produced by talented graphic designer Ville Angervuori, who is incidentally also bassist for VAPAA MAA. The EP delivers a sound to truly behold and is uncompromising, unyielding and absolutely penetrates you to your thrash core.

Throughout “Isolated and Incompetent”, the roots of hardcore punk smack you like a brick in the face. It’s very apparent that Heikki writes with passion about real topics that matter to him, and that he’s far more interested in engaging in contemporary issues and conveying his thoughts through his music. Throughout the EP, there’s plenty to get your teeth into and feel NECRO WEASEL’s boundless energy and solid thrash riffs, whilst appreciating the serious matters it unapologetically tackles. “No Turning Back” delivers great riffing and speed thrashes, driving rhythm, with some on-point SLAYER-esque “squealies” a la “Raining Blood”. This guitar work morphs seamlessly into “Forever Lost”, which drives forward with epic double-bass drumming and gritty vocals and some great shredding. Both tracks are a force to be reckoned with and offer a solid ballsy delivery to the listener.

NECRO WEASEL pulls a hell of a lot of influence from SLAYER, but there’s also clear crossover influence from WARBRINGER and TOXIC HOLOCAUST, too. The EP soldiers forward with “The Inescapable Death” which dials things down a notch, with “Crying Mother Earth” pulling down further with a very melodic feel. Heikki’s flawless guitar work is really prominent in this piece, almost wail-like, as are his more tonally rich vocals. This extremely progressive approach displays NECRO WEASEL’s dimensions faultlessly, demonstrating the band’s abilities to perfection.

Picking up tempo once more, “Racist Scum” bounds in with spitting vocals, pumped aggression and pure head-splitting brutality. Everything is neck-breaking and fuelled by flays of addictive riffs and unrelenting drumming, absolutely NAILING the thematic. It’s tracks like this that really prove that the powerful combination of the force of thrash and punk influenced thematic are hard-hitting perfection. The same can be said for the finale of the EP, title track “Isolated and Incompetent”; boundless affliction and energy pumps through hard and fast with the all-so wonderfully familiar SLAYER-style riffing and growl upon growl of vocals. Well done, NECRO WEASEL!

Listening to “Isolated and Incompetent”, I found myself comfortably immersed in NECRO WEASEL’s world of pain, stark observations and passionate musings. Everything about this EP is heartfelt and you can feel how consumed by injustice and the want for change Heikki is. I was equally as amazed and blown-away by the performance throughout this EP; I mean, how fucking talented can one guy be? Not only has Heikki led the way instrumentally, he’s written, recorded, mixed AND mastered this ENTIRE record. For once, I’m gobsmacked and lost for words. It reminds me of the time when Wayne and Garth meet ALICE COOPER in “Wayne’s World”, and simply buckle and crumble to the floor, wailing and repeating “We’re not worthy”. I think this is my “Wayne’s World” moment.

If you like your thrash chunky with substance, give a shit about humanity, have a desire for change in the world and a thirst for angry-as-hell music that will get you in your guts for ALL the right reasons, this, my friends, is for you. A sterling debut EP from NECRO WEASEL and an outfit to keep an eye on… talent like this doesn’t go quietly!

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. No Turning Back
2. Forever Lost
3. The Inescapable Death
4. Crying Mother Earth
5. Racist Scum
6. Isolated and Incompetent
Heikki Jalonen – Vocals, Drums, Bass, Guitar
Mikko Suikkanen – Backing Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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Edited 06 October 2022

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