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Necro Weasel – Another Day to Waste Award winner

Necro Weasel
Another Day to Waste
by Leanne Evans at 29 July 2021, 2:36 AM

There’s no stopping the thrash monster that is NECRO WEASEL! Only a few months ago, the EP “Isolated and Incompetent” knocked the stuffing out of my thrash core, whilst simultaneously penetrating my cold, dark heart with its meaningful contemporary thematic from today’s societal shitstorm. Heikki Jalonen, the genius of seismic proportion behind NECRO WEASEL, is back again with the band’s second album “Another Day to Waste”, bringing the signature sonics of punk-tinged crossover thrash meets hardcore, serving up the same delicious rawness, taking the hardcore edge up a few notches, strapping tone weights to its heaviness and adding some rocket fuel to kick the arse out of the cuts.

“No Way Out” kicks off the album, bringing true grit in all forms, vocally spitting and splitting but offering melodic moments, whilst tracks like “Do You Tolerate This?” and “Losing Fight” go balls deep from the outset with no-nonsense bolshy bass work and in-your-face harsh brutality, fearlessly tackling thematic that most would shy away from. I mean, NECRO WEASEL describe themselves as “metal-punk, sorrow and misery”, we’re not here for uplifting moments; we’re here to face the stark reality of contemporary issues, of global problems, like the rise of the far-right, mental health conditions, suicides and burnout from the shitty, mundane daily grind. This album was always intended to be hard-hitting and sincere, and the first few tracks certainly don’t disappoint.

“Lack of Motivation” ironically brings great tempo, well-thought guitar lines and pummeling drums, washed with vocal melodic injections whilst still retaining that deliberate drabness. The lacklustre delivery is a stroke of genius, the oft monotone vocal execution only complements the dire thematic and it’s gripping, especially in title-track, “Another Day to Waste”, with its dank dissonance, yet has melodic hooks that rip into you, all whilst creating a relatable monotony, although the gang-chants give you a kick up the ass and plenty to get your teeth into.

NECRO WEASEL can sure belt out filthy speed and meaty cuts when needed, as shown in “Rise Above”, a real piece of fine crossover thrash with that wonderful TOXIC HOLOCAUST influence coming through that we loved so much in the previous release, “Isolated and Incompetent”. The solid speed metal riffs really pull through in “Incapacity Caused Hell”, with some pretty stand-out progressions and an endearing authenticity, likewise, the same is felt in “Follow the Leader”, all piss-boiling rage and razor sharp, ready to cut the throat of political corruptness and misinformation. Aptly cooling things down, “The Line” brings a deep shroud of bass with some pleasing guitar lines and a noticeably slower tempo, again, creating quite the piece to really dig into, although this track isn’t designed for chucking yourself around and punching seven bells out of yourself, this is one to calm down, beer in hand and reflect to.

“Another Day to Waste” is a plucky and courageous follow-up to “Isolated and Incompetent”, with a noticeable maturity in the production that reflects the valiant and lionhearted NECRO WEASEL and its staunch values perfectly. This full-length stays true to the roots of the band and Heikki’s personal values, channeling and venting contemporary issues with sincerity and transparency, all with full-frontal thrash bollocks.

NECRO WEASEL have produced a fine record to add to their growing catalogue; “Another Day to Waste” doesn’t disappoint and you can grab your copy on Bandcamp now!

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. No Way Out
2. Do You Tolerate This?
3. Losing Fight
4. Lack of Motivation
5. Another Day to Waste
6. Rise Above
7. Incapacity Caused Hell
8. Follow the Leader
9. The Line
Heikki Jalonen – Vocals/Guitar/Bass
East Bay Max – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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Edited 07 December 2022

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