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Necro - Death Rap (CD)

Death Rap
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 08 October 2007, 9:40 PM

It was both a surprise and a pleasure to have Necro's brand new album arrive at the Metal Temple headquarters. Necro is a famous rapper and you will probably be confused why his album is featured in our online magazine. If you read the track listing you have already seen that this crazy guy collaborates with well-known Metal musicians to write some more than interesting songs. As I say, if RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE were the perfect combination between Metal and Hip Hop, then Necro is the king of this experimental genre.

Since Necro has nothing to do with our music - except the collaborations with Metal musicians - I will not say many things about Death Rap, even though I liked the album. Necro used to be in a Metal band (a Black Metal one if I am not mistaken) and he decided to quit the Metal scene and become a rapper. This guy has played with many well-known Metal musicians such as HATEBREED's Jasta, OBITUARY's Tardy, NUCLEAR ASSAULT's Lilker and many more.

Death Rap is close to Necro's previous works, which means that it contains his own songs that are pure Hip Hop, as well as the songs that are written by the musicians that are mentioned in the track listing. Really, wouldn't you like to see the high and mighty Steve Di Giorgio playing next to a rapper or Scott Ian paying tribute to his roots and remind us of the era he played next to PUBLIC ENEMY?

The tracks are made in the way it fits the musicians and Necro manages to fit in everywhere! He is singing accompanied by mid tempo Hardcore tunes or even Death Metal holocaust filled with blasts and incredible speed! I think that Death Rap is an album that most (open-minded) people out there should check out. Even if you don't like it, you will definitely find it interesting! I am sure you want to see how a rapper can create a song with lyrics made up by band names, songs and albums. As he says: The death angel kills the blind illusion of exodus, and heathen performance forbidden violence is my testament…

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Creepy Crawl
No Remorse
Some Get Back (Revenge)
Belligerent Gangsters (Feat Harley Flanagan)
Suffocated To Death By God's Shadow (Feat Brian Fair, Mark Morton, Mike Smith & Steve Di Giorgio)
Mutilate The Beat
Keep On Driving
Technician Of Execution
Keeping It Real (Feat Adam Jackson)
Exploitation (Feat Mr Hyde)
As Deadly As Can Be (Feat ILL Bill)
Evil Rules (Feat Scott Ian, Dave Ellefson & Ray Alder)
Forensic Pathology
Portrait Of A Death Rapper
Necro - Vocals
Record Label: Candlelight Records


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