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Necroart - Caino

by Kyle Scott at 12 December 2018, 9:47 AM

NECROART from Lombardy Italy shakes the heavens loose with clattering blast beats and rumbling chords in their fourth full length album Caino. Their sound rises from the unclean waterways, a damned slurry of coarse snarls and dark rites to gods rarely heard of in the dark of some midnight ritual. NECROART is a scavenger, taking bits and pieces from Doom and even Darkwave, with moments of clean vocals reminiscent of late JOY DIVISION’s Ian Curtis. With themes of betrayal of brothers and discord brought by the fall of Lucifer, Caino is strongly influenced by old tales of Genesis.

Singer Massimo Finotello rips through nine tracks of dreary noise and melancholic melody so thick with the smell of the crypt and the burned church. We are immediately transported to a desolate lot of endless emptiness in “March of the Ghouls” and discover that there is something malevolent in that emptiness. In the middle of the sunless lot is a congregation of some secret order proceeding to call out to the dark ones in “Invocation for the Horned”. With rolling waves of oscillating synth noises softly weaving in and out of the bass interlude, whatever is being summoned is an unspeakable horror.

The meaning behind title track “Caino” is twofold. It is both a commune in the province of Brescia, an hour from the band’s home of Pavia, and a reference to the infamous Cain, son of Adam who murdered his brother, Abel. Other bible inspired themes on the record include “Wounds on Angel’s Wings”, “Bringer of Light” and “Flames”Caino is an intimate look of a tarnished bond and evil rites performed in the woods under the cover of night. NECROART brings out an army of shadows in their album, the ones we tried to bury in all of us and sets them loose to wreak unimaginable havoc!

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 9



4 Star Rating

1. March of the Ghouls
2. An Invocation for the Horned
3. Mastadon Rising
4. Caino
5. Bringer of Light
6. Flames
7. Wounds on Angels Wings
8. One Is All, All Is One
9. Into the Maelstrom
Francesco Volpini-Bass
Marco Binda-Drums
Davide Zampa-Guitars
Filippo Galbusera-Guitars
Davide Quarori-Keyboards
Massimo Finotello-Vocals
Record Label: The Goatmancer Records


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