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Necroblood - Collapse of the Human Race

Collapse of the Human Race
by Lauren Fonto at 23 July 2017, 2:53 PM

NECROBLOOD have created a hard-hitting war metal debut which also serves up some memorable riffs. The French quartet’s sound is inspired by VON (among the black metal pioneers), BEHERIT, early IMMOLATION and CONVULSE. There is a primal feel to the music, yet there is also melody and discernible riffs. The instruments are tuned down very low, and the production is dense, which works well here. Opener “Intro” is a “Black Mass” spoken word track, which sets the scene well. The band pulled this number off well, without seeming pretentious or like they were going for shock value.

 “Sons of Genocide” was one of the highlights on the first half of the album. Its atmosphere is utterly cold, and evil is captured in musical form, with the crushing doom metal-like riffs and powerful drum fills. “Glorification Through Destruction” paints a picture of all that was previously known collapsing. B vibrato-laden solo is a great moment, and the bass guitar rhythms add a sinister undertone. “Sadistik Hunt” and “Operation Gomorrah” were my highlights from the second half of the album. “Sadistik Hunt” opens with spoken words, then proceeds to take the listener on a wild ride. Exekvtion’s thunderous roars seemed like they could shake the earth, and Bestial Desekrator cooks up some bubbling, catchy riffs.

“Operation Gomorrah” opens with some engaging drum fills from Rimmon and smoldering slides. The vocals are creepy, in a good way – they add to the atmosphere of the track. This track is awash in catchy riffs – I couldn’t keep my head still. The grim riff near the end of the track is particularly memorable, and the frantic guitar solo builds things up to fever pitch. This album turned out to be a grower – I came to appreciate the energy and songwriting apparent in “Collapse of the Human Race”. This album seems like just the thing to play in the car to get yourself amp'd up for a gig.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Through Limitless Abysses
3. Evil Against Evil
4. Sons of Genocide
5. Glorification Through Destruction
6. Essential Collapse
7. Baptised by Devil’s Cum
8. Sadistik Hunt
9. Operation Gomorrah
10. The Omen
Rimmon – Drums
Exekvtion – Vocals, Guitars
TerrorReign (aka Kaarpath) – Vocals, Bass
Bestial Desekrator – Guitars 
Record Label: Iron Bonehead Productions


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