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Necroccultus - Solemnelohim, Bringer Of Death

Solemnelohim, Bringer Of Death
by Azmo Lozmodial at 05 August 2013, 3:39 PM

Away from the sound of the modern death metal sound, and away from the modern melodic Death musical structures, a band from Mexico is still having a lot of ancient death metal influences inside the guts. NECROCCULTUS is a five-piece band from Irapuato and Guanajuato, and after about ten years of rehearsing and releasing splits and demos, the band this year presented the EP album “Solemnelohim, Bringer of Death” for all those who want to be away from the modern Death Metal sound for a while. If you're not into the extreme Metal scene of Mexico, then you can start your journey from here, unless you prefer to start with a modern melodic Death sound, then you're standing in the wrong side of the road.

The early albums of IMMOLATION and INCANTATION will be the first records in your mind when you listen to this EP, the ferocity of the riffs and the dusty drumbeats reminded me a lot of these bands, plus the growling and bloody vocals match the production to reach a high level of resemblance. The sound of the bass is melted down the harsh down-tuned guitar, creating a flat production that conjures the sound of the 90s Death Metal era. The guitar solos in this EP are actually impressive; they blow from the middle of the riffs to hit you directly in the face, making a sharp cutting sound through the ears, which I really admired in this record. The total atmosphere is inspired by the American death metal scene of the 90s, and I would disagree with anyone thinks that the band is trying to clone any of these bands, because even cloning these bands need a professional performance from the members, and I can glance some touches of originality and ideas inside the music.

The EP contains of four tracks, with about twenty minutes of vintage death metal riffing and dusty-amped guitars with rusty strings, the whole sound will be admired if you gave the tracks enough listen. The tracks "Aeons of Spectral Morbidity" and "The Ethereal Living Dead Supremacy" are the longest tracks here, with about 5 minutes length for each tracks, the dynamic drumming and the furious guitar-lines provided an aged ambience behind the gory-violent spits of the vocals, check these tracks and feel the wrath. The tracks "The Equinox of Unburied Ones" and "Dimensions of Ancient Necromancy" reflect the stability of the band and show that the band is able to keep the Death Metal war alive through the EP, without decreasing the amount of anger and rage. I enjoyed this EP and I am sure the death metal fans will let a good impression in the minds of the listener, especially for the worshiper of the real Death Metal music, some melodies and some variation would made this EP sound brighter, but at least this record has the true spirit of the Death Metal cult, which we all need.

If you have the guts to hate this record, then maybe your soft-silky ears are the reason, because this release is not meant to be enjoyable for those who're addicted on the melodic Death or the contemporary Death Metal sound of the current generation, I wish a lot of bands will have the ability to do what NECROCCULTUS has done, and I expect that the true sound of Death Metal will never distinct, because the loyal worshipers of the genre will never stop supporting the old school Death Metal acts.

4 Star Rating

1. Dimensions of Ancient Necromancy
2. Aeons of Spectral Morbidity
3. The Ethereal Living Dead Supremacy
4. The Equinox of Unburied Ones
Ricardo Gil - Bass
Mauricio Pérez - Rhythm guitar
Oscar - Drums
Nextor  - Lead guitar
Isaías Huerta – Vocals
Record Label: Blood Harvest Records


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