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Necrocest - Dead Pretty (CD)

Dead Pretty
by Panagiotis Koutsompogeras at 10 November 2005, 8:45 PM

Wow! For a minute I thought that Wales was only famous for its poets, its beautiful landscapes, its liquors - not to forget Catherine Zeta Jones of course! So from this point on I will add a fabulous and disastrous Welsh Death Metal act called Necrocest, who can definitely blow the guts out of your bestial self.
Although the record has a total playing time of 35 minutes and 26 seconds, it can still rip your bowels apart from the first listening sessions! Well, what would you expect to listen to here? Tales of glory or mellow lyrics about pussy whipped situations? Ha, no my friend! This album is full of mashed and minced vital organs, spiced up with lyrics about desecration, rape, melting flesh and other childhood stories! There is no point in trying to listen to Necrocest if you are not into violent Death Metal in the likes of Cannibal Corpse or Suffocation and stuff like that! Stop wasting your time, dude!
There are many groovy parts here, anthemed by occasional blast beats and fierce drumming in general. The content of the lyrics is rather Carcass meets Obituary meets tons of decomposed flesh. The production is rather good but it could have been slightly better at certain points. The guitar work is also worthwhile and the guitarists seem to be of high quality training.
The singer must have definitely been born along with Chris Barnes and additionally he sings with more aggressiveness and depth in his voice than the Six Feet Under guy!
Next time you see a film with the juicy actress Catherine Zeta Jones just remember that she might be enjoying her martini while listening to Necrocest's Dead Pretty. Why not do the same with a cold beer and tons of nachos?
- Album Highlights: Infested:, Hydrochloric Enema, Persistant Genital Warts, Raped Beyond Recognition, Feasting On The Innards Of The Dead.
\[Chief Ed.'s note: Though I rarely do this - pop in someone else's review - I couldn't help it this time, I mean… Hydrochloric Enema???]

3 Star Rating

Chronic Rot
Thy Caked In Cum
Hydrochloric Enema
Persistant Genital Warts
Raped Beyond Recognition
Feasting On The Innards Of The Dead
Hungry For Rotten Flesh
Choke On Flesh
Rory - Vocals
Neil - Guitar
Woody - Guitar
Rich - Bass
Byron - Drums
Record Label: Casket Records


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