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Necrochaos – Crawling Through Cadavers Award winner

Crawling Through Cadavers
by Will Travers at 02 March 2020, 9:26 AM

With the recent saturation across the entire supergenre of Heavy Metal we have seen a trend rise in the more extreme sub genres. Now I would not exactly call Death Metal an extreme genre by any stretch of the imagination, but you know that when GODZ OV WAR PRODUCTIONS involved that we are in for a journey into the more extreme realms of any genre.

NECROCHAOS are an interesting band, mainly for the fact that it all facets of the music are played by one man. Eugene is clearly a fairly talented all round musician, but I have my reservations, namely, how on earth is he going to be able to actually perform live?.. However, this is not a review of the band, or individual themselves, so I shall leave that to a later date, perhaps, should he grace the shores of the UK I will get myself to see a performance and allow Eugene to show me the long-term plan.

The artwork found on the album is what one would expect of a Death Metal album, indeed it would not go amiss amongst albums from the Black Metal subgenre either. With the bands name written across the top in a dark and mysterious font, the same for the album title written at the bottom in a slightly smaller font.

With the titular opening track we are treated to a disturbing and dissonant fade in that, in comparison to the rest of the track is a gentle ease into the song. We are soon given the full Death Metal experience, complete with low growls, blast beats and relentless driving riffs. There are elements here I feel where a possibility to experiment with styles has been missed, I feel, musically that we are almost bridging the gap between Black and Death Metal, all the would be required is the addition of some Black Metal stylised vocals and this would have driven this track to be great. However, “Crawling Through Cadavers” is a strong opening and promising for the rest of the album.

Next, I would bring your attention to “Once The Blood Clots”. With a much slower and deliberate opening, it demonstrates Eugene’s understanding of the effects that can be created by successfully controlling the tempo of the music, which is done very well throughout, with sudden changes to both accelerate and decelerate the tempo. Just like the clotting of blood this track takes its time, its thick, you can feel everything congealing. Again, a bridge between subgenres is almost made, as I feel that in elements of this piece we are actually in much more of a Doom Metal style track.

The final track I turn my attention to is “Engulfed In Chaos”. The reason that I have chosen this is I want to see whether it lives up to my expectations. I have written these couple of senteces before I have even listened to the track as I want to log what I am expecting. Due to the title I want it to sound chaotic, dissonant and confusing. I have not been disappointed, with a no bullshit introduction and relentless pace that just paints the image of a chaotic scene. The main riff heard through the guitar would not be amiss from a GOJIRA track so again we are bridging a gap into Prog. “Engulfed In Chaos” is my pick of the album.

Overall I would say that this is a very strong album. I had my reservations about it initially I will admit. However Eugene has blown me away and I have thoroughly enjoyed this. Now, throughout my review I have mentioned about the likeness to certain other subgenres, I think that is testament to Eugene’s musical ability and knowledge, it has showcased his skill and created a sound that very much belongs to NECROCHAOS and one that would be instantly recognisable.
I would like to finish by saying that this is a fantastic album and I will be eagerly watching to see when NECROCHAOS play some shows in the UK as I will be there to show my support to this highly talented individual.

Songwriting: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Crawling Through Cadavers
2. Disgrace Is His Law
3. Once The Blood Clots
4. Engulfed In Chaos
5. Caves Of Void
Eugene Kohl – Everything
Record Label: Godz Ov War Productions


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