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Necroholocaust - Holocaustic Goat Metal

Holocaustic Goat Metal
by Adam Clarke at 29 September 2014, 3:50 AM

I’m really confused with what NECROHOLOCAUST are trying to do here. I’ve heard the name dotted about over the past few years but I have never took the time to listen to them. The first I hear of them is a two song album, each track playing for around twenty minutes and the majority of both of them are instrumental, yet I kind of enjoyed it…

It’s brutal, put it that way. Blasts, riffs, hellish vocals, it has the whole package. There will be calm moments, abruptly ended by the growls of Black Plague, honestly I had no idea what was happening throughout each song, it was just filled with surprises. The production quality on this record is also very impressive. It helped with the immersion that I feel this album was trying to create, especially about half way through “Side 1” where ambiance takes control even if it’s only for a short time. One thing I would have to say ruined this for me is the vocals. Whilst I can see why others would enjoy this style of vocals, the inaudible grunts ruined the experience somewhat, but not enough to make me hate the album.

They way I see it is this, “Side 1” is definitely faster and more chaotic that “Side 2”, yet I feel the other half of the album is heavier and better well crafted than the other. It’s more though out, the diversity is greater in terms of tempo and volume, I feel that the second half out does the first by a mile. One unique thing I noticed is the five minutes of ambient crackling and external noises towards the end of the album, before they show us one last time how heavy they can be where out of no where comes this explosion of noise, it was impressive to say the least.

It’s a weird one to score, it’s a weird album, I felt weird listening to it! But on the whole I enjoyed it, It was new, it was different and it was certainly one I would say to try at least once.

3 Star Rating

1. Side1
2. Side 2
Black Plague Of War And Disease - Guitars, Vocals
Grimlord Of Atomic Nuclear Hate - Guitars
Bloodlust Abominator Of Ritual War Incantations - Drums
Goat Plague Messiah - Bass
Record Label: Iron Bonehead Productions


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