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Necromancy - Ancient Wrath

Ancient Wrath
by H.P. Buttcraft at 06 November 2015, 3:39 PM

Unsurprisingly, there is not a whole lot known about the band NECROMANCY, formerly known as REEK OF TERROR. This recently reissued EP “Ancient Wrath” was recorded in 1991 by the Greek Black Metal troupe when they officially changed their name to NECROMANCY. Bass player for the band Morbid went onto form NECROMANTIA in 1989. Some of you may know by now but NECROMANTIA went on to make such iconic Blackened Thrash Metal albums like “Crossing the Fiery Path” and “Scarlet Evil Witching Black”.

Over two decades later, Nuclear War Now! Records is rereleasing “Ancient Wrath” that never saw an honest release. The band entered the studio to record “Ancient Wrath” after Morbid departed from the band. While serving in the Greek military, vocalist Living Dead suffered from a fatal heart attack at the age of 20. The surviving members of NECROMANCY, Hades and Unblessed, decided to terminate the band after his demise.

Does “Ancient Wrath” summon the dead potential of this long-forgotten Greek Black Metal band? I wouldn’t say so. The music is not without merit. The music on the album carries a Gothic and grim atmosphere and the remastering has brought these songs out of the tape cassette era is was frozen inside of. But the songs are droning and aren’t captivating whatsoever. The wispy vocals croak along the whole way through and lack any responsibility to form a vocal rhythm to the song “Ancient Wrath 1” that goes on six minutes longer than it should have gone on for. “Ancient Wrath 2”, which as you can tell by the song title, is almost the exact same song but much more condensed this time. It has some really awful mixing on it that peaks the audio on the swirling effects on the vocals and makes the song intolerable.

Perhaps you may think I am judging NECROMANCY too harshly for being such an early act in a blooming metal scene, but I cannot honestly endorse this album. It is no diamond in the rough, that’s for sure. Its just more roughness in the rough and I doubt anyone who isn’t a Black Metal purist has the patience to sit through this EP, even though it is only a measly twenty-one minutes long. This album was uninspiring because the songs on this release were uninspired themselves. Lets just put NECROMANCY to rest this time. 

1 Star Rating

1. Ancient Wrath I
2. Ancient Wrath II
3. Forbidden Rites
Living Dead - Vocals
Hades - Guitars
Unblessed - Drums
Morbid - Bass
Record Label: Nuclear War Now! Productions


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