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Necromandus - Necromandus Award winner

by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 07 October 2017, 1:11 PM

The beginning of the 70s was a magical period of time. In those days, many foundations of all that we know and love in terms of set, and there are many bands that try to emulate those days’ sonority. But it’s not a thing that you hear and understand how to do it. It takes a living experience from those days, a thing that not so many people have. But NECROMANDUS have, and the old English quintet is back for one more round with “Necromandus”, their new album.

It’s just that old and good proto-Heavy Metal format from the beginning of the 70s, sounding heavy and full of melodies, with a good technical level. No, the band sounds old because it is an old band, with those Blues/Progressive/Rock ‘n’ Roll with a psychedelic energy touches that we are used to. The band plays and treats their music as they were in the 70s, so you all must be prepared for a lesson on how to make this kind of music with heart and soul.

The sound quality tries to be like on those glorious days, to catch the right atmosphere of their musical work. Obviously, the sound quality is not as moldy as in the past, because we aren’t in the past, but the way they play, the tunes of the musical instruments, everything is a reference to the past. But in the hands of these guys, everything works perfectly. You can understand their music through the organic approach of their sound quality.

Very good vocals (that will remind you of the way Ozzy sings sometimes, but a bit more melodic), fine guitars, and a good work of bass guitar and drums on the rhythmic kitchen, so we can say that NECROMANDUS has a very good work, besides to some it wouldn’t sound as original as in the past. But the charm of their 11 songs is incredible, especially on “Don’t Look Down Frank” with its fine Bluesy touches and excellent guitars, the good hypnotic tempos on “Aluana” (there are some tribal contributions on bass guitar and drums sometimes), the fine keyboards contributions on “Hymn to Her”, the delicious melodies of “I’ve Been Evil”, the strong and bitter harmonies that fills “Scream”, the intense work on guitars and vocals on “Borderlands” that carries an introspective and technical approach, the intense weight of guitars on “The Warriors”, and the beautiful mix of weight and introspection heard on “And She Smiles”.

NECROMANDUS still has too much to offer and teach, because we can assume them as the Godfathers of Doom Metal in the deeper conception of the term. So, listen “Necromandus” as loud as you can and see what they have to offer.

Originality: 10
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

5 Star Rating

1. Don’t Look Down Frank
2. Aluana
3. Limpet Man
4. Hymn to Her
5. I've Been Evil
6. Gargoyles Awake
7. Scream
8. Borderlands
9. The Warriors
10. Hardknott
11. And She Smiles
John Branch - Vocals
Dean Newton - Guitars
John Marcangelo - Keyboards
Banjo Cunanan - Bass
Frank Hall - Drums
Record Label: Mandus Music


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