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Necromesis – The Poet’s Paradox Award winner

The Poet's Paradox
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 14 April 2015, 11:08 PM

Here in these sunny lands where “Big Daddy” lives, there are a lot of very good metal bands, in any metal style you want, and in ways that you really couldn’t think of. There are bands that are really to run away from models, to create something that shows their musical personality. Of course, it’s not an easy task to do so, but there are those who achieve this goal. And one fine name that did it is the quartet NECROMESIS, from ABC region, in São Paulo. Their first album, “The Poet’s Paradox”, is a true proof of what “Big Daddy” here is saying.

They play a experimental way into traditional death metal. It’s brutal and oppressive, having inspirations in names like VITAL REMAINS, CANNIBAL CORPSE and DEICIDE, but with a different and more technical insight. On vocals, Mayara Puertas is doing a fine job, in a female version for George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher, as Daniel Curtolo does fine guitar riffs, being technical and aggressive in both ways. Gustavo Marabiza and Gil Oliveira create a strong, heavy and technical rhythmic session, and these four united really are creating something different and explosive. And they have some very special guests: NERVOSA’s Fernanda Lira on vocals on “Self Condemnation”, Paolo Bruno (from DESDOMINUS and THY LIGHT) on vocals and lead guitars on “The Omission Of The Living”, VOODOOPRIEST’s singer Vitor Rodrigues on vocals on “The Last Stage of a Mind”, and IN SOULITARY’s frontman Marcel Briani making some spoken voices on “The Last Stage of a Mind”, and the narratives on “Awake” and “The Final Truth”.

Beware of your ears!

The sound quality is extremely good, a fine work done by Daniel, being heavy and clear in both ways. And for sure we can understand what they are playing and what they really want to do with their work.

Their best moments on “The Poet’s Paradox”: the brutal attack of “Desocial Inclusion” and its jazz influenced time changes, with very good work from bass guitar and drums, the hazardous and abrasive “Self Condemnation”, full of very good and creative vocals, “Indifferent Echoes of Sensitivity”, with some thrash metal elements in the middle of brutality of the technical guitar riffs, and the giant “The Last Stage of a Mind”, with more than 11 minutes, full of musical variations that make they reach the borders of progressive death metal, where guitars and vocals are showing their predominance.

A very good band, indeed, but I believe that they can make way better than we hear here. But it’s just a matter of time until NECROMESIS becomes a new Brazilian death metal monolith.

4 Star Rating

01. The End of the Cloistered
02. Desocial Inclusion
03. Self Condemnation
04. Evolving a Paradox
05. The Life is Dead
06. Awake
07. Condemned by Themselves
08. The Omission of Living
09. Indifferent Echoes of Sensitivity
10. The Final Truth
11. The Last Stage of a Mind
Mayara Puertas – Vocals
Daniel Curtolo – Guitars
Gustavo Marabiza – Bass
Gil Oliveira – Drums
Record Label: Shinigami Records


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