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Necromessiah - The Last Hope Of Humanity

The Last Hope Of Humanity
by Bex "Hardcore" Tasker at 29 August 2013, 10:06 PM

Like a bit of chaos? You’ll have to if you wanna get past the first track of "The Last Hope of Humanity", the last release by the malignant NECROMESSIAH. Self-proclaimed Heavy-Powered Death & Roll, the group have been “Unleashing Disorder” since 2002, and this album is no exception. The Italian three-piece obviously has some strong views about Catholicism, as they’re “Returning From Hell” to “Kill the Pope”, and chances are the “Pedo Priest” is doomed to a similar fate. Get your headphones into gear; this album is fast and furious.

"The Last Hope of Humanity" is appropriately named, based on the issues the band are dealing with. Their Anti-Christian ideology is obvious from their song titles, and reinforced by their relentless Thrash Metal. Remember what I said about chaos in the first track? You will when you hear it. The 44 second long “Opening the Gates” features a chorus of screams and distorted sounds, accompanied with the eerie growls of Lai Marco, or more appropriately known as “NecroManiac”. From there on in its Thrash at full throttle, repetitive and catchy riffs, and solid drum work that’ll get the band’s message across in all its fury. The introduction of “Bio Terror Beast” breaks away from the Thrash temporarily, with a frantic drumming solo soon accompanied by some funky bass. The guitar work is admirable in “Pedo Priest”, showing the band’s diversity. “Don’t Touch My Glass” is an angry song, armed with Metal fury. Better not touch his glass. NECROMESSIAH really fulfil their promise to “Unleash Disorder” in the ninth track, and they’re definitely displeased about the state of humanity. The following track almost ventures into Metalcore or Hardcore, with the presence of a breakdown for the entirety of “Blood Boiler”. The track is instrumental, with awesome double-kick and rumbly bass, not to mention the consistently catchy riff work by the guitars. “Goat n’ Roll”, the final track, brings the listener back to the Thrash Metal Scene, allowing them to mull over the implications of a goat being involved in Heavy music whilst they headbang to said Heavy music.

All in all a good album, I like how the band adheres to a particular message and they put this across commendably through the Thrash Genre. I did feel that the majority of the songs were pretty similar, aside from the distorted opening track and “Blood Boiler”. Definitely give it a listen, though, or you might just suffer the same fate as the Pope and the Priest.

3 Star Rating

1. Opening the Gates
2. Returning From Hell
3. Bio Terror Beast
4. Pedo Priest
5. Dead or Alive
6. Kill the Pope
7. Arm Your Machine Gun
8. Don’t Touch My Glass
9. Unleash Disorder
10. Blood Boiler
11. Goat n’ Roll
Lai Marco “NecroManiac” – Vocals / Guitars
SGT Baal – Bass
“Darken” - Drums
Record Label: Punishment 18 Records


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