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Necromessiah - Antiklerical Terroristik Death Squad (CD)

Antiklerical Terroristik Death Squad
by Yiannis Doukas at 14 October 2007, 6:00 PM

Italy is more famous for Rocco Sifredi than its extreme metal scene. Some very good ultra-cult bands still exist in black metal, like MORTUARY DRAPE, but the real nice bands can be counted within your hands' fingers. NECROMESSIAH is here to make the big change. The so-called Holy Father is in deep trouble now.
With five years on their back, their first blasphemous vomit was b>…Instar Gladii Incorporem Christi that I haven't listen to yet (to tell you more), but I'll punish myself and try to get it immediately. Their second step is a mix of black, thrash with punk aggression (call me DISCHARGE). Put some SODOM of their first recordings, HELLHAMMER and CELTIC FROST with more clear production. I'll bet my porno movies that they must listen 24 hours per day to all IMPALED NAZARENE discography; sometimes the resemblance is more than clear. There are also some more things that I liked a lot (as you can see, this is not an objective review):
- The album cover, which is killer and blasphemous, painted by the master Chris Moyen. Hail!
- The word 'necro' in their name. By the way, what a band NECROVORE was. Hail!
- The 'k' letter takes the place of 'c'; which means, SADISTIK EXEKUTION. Hail!
- The name of some songs, like Necroalkolterrorist and its deep thinking lyrics, like get your weapon, drink your beer, kill your enemy (the Christians maybe?).
The album starts with an intro, where we can hear the preparing for battle against Vatican. Bullets, bombs, airplanes, hell!!!. As I mentioned before, the punk-ish riffology provides a feel making you crushing anything around. Include to all these the extra bass sound that pollute the air with barbarism. Many riffs are just rip-offs of IMPALED NAZARENE(look at Death Squad) or the CELTIC FROST-ish Fukking Bastard God but this is something that I don't care a lot about. Besides, I don't have any mood to open graves and bury them; maybe 'cause they play really like maniacs, full of rabies and rage. An album perfect for headbanging. I can imagine the proclamation of panic and chaos from the audience in their live concerts. Total blasphemy!!!

3 Star Rating

Intro (Vatican Burning)
Atomic Bloodshed
Marching For Hell
Christ-Crushing Black Metal
Terror Squad
In The Name Of God Let The Churches Burn
Fukking Bastard God
Evil Prophets
Total Blasphemy
Necromaniac - Vocals, Guitars
Darken - Drums
Sgt.Baal - Bass
Record Label: Blasphemous Underground


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