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Necromutilator - Black Blood Aggression

Black Blood Aggression
by Justin "Witty City" Wittenmeier at 29 April 2019, 6:12 AM

NECROMUTILATOR is a Blackened Thrash Metal band from Italy.  “Black Blood Aggression,” is their second full length; they also have one demo and an EP. I don’t have a lot of decent things to say about this album.  It isn’t worse one I’ve ever heard but there is very little here that I find enjoyable.  A combination of Black Metal and Thrash seems like a win win but it just doesn’t work here.

The most immediately noticeable problem is the production/mixing.  I assume it was produced this way on purpose, as that is often times the case with Black Metal bands, or bands that contain those elements.  However, doing production like this on purpose doesn’t mean it sounds good or is pleasant to my ears.  The bass drums are extremely up front in the mix and also very loud—it over powers just about everything in the songs.  This is unfortunate because the drumming is the only saving grace of the album—too bad the muddiness of it all makes it hard to discern.  The tone of the guitars is a bit too dirty as well—it is hard to tell the riffs apart and most of them end up sounding about the same because of it.   You could listen to any track on the album and say you have heard the whole of what the band/album has to offer.

The blackened have potential to be very well done but, sadly, they are delivered with the energy and conviction of a sick, thirty year old cat.  The vocalist sounds extremely bored; actually, the whole band sounds like they would rather not be there.  I know this style demands a grim exterior but, goddamn, act like you care about your music.  It is as if the band sat around the studio and asked, “Do you want to record an album today?” and the answer was merely met with shrugs and replies like “I guess so” or “I don’t have anything else to do.”

The shorter tracks such as “Blessed In Hellvomit (what?)” and “Nocturnal Messiah” are a bit more palpable because they get to the point quickly and by the time they start to bore you, they end.   “Armoured Antichrist” and “Cold Sperm Of Sathanas” are examples of what not to do when making tracks over five minutes in length such as the songs never actually going anywhere or playing anything interesting at all.

I am a firm believer that no band makes a bad album on purpose but there just isn’t anything here that I can recommend.

Originality: 2
Memorability: 2
Production: 2

1 Star Rating

1. Armoured Antichrist
2. Serve The Impurity
3. Nocturnal Messiah
4. Putrefaction Rites
5. Crypts of Depravation
6. Blessed in Hellvomit
7. Goat Eyes Hypnosis
8. Black Mayhemic Torment
9. Chainsaw Sacrament
10. Cold Sperm of Sathanas
P – Vocals, Guitar
R – Drums
E. - Bass
Record Label: Terror from Hell Records


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