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Necronaut - Necronaut

by Harry Papadopoulos at 26 October 2010, 10:10 PM

I hate those kinds of projects, I really do. Why should I listen to a guy’s album that woke up one day and say “Hey! Why don’t I record an album with some well known guests that some of them happen to be my friends?”. In most of the times, these things don’t work, so reading the Press release for NECRONAUT and seeing that I have to deal with a project like the one I described earlier, I was ready to take my shovel out once again.

NECRONAUlT is the project ofex-DISMEMBER drummer Fred Estby who gathered some well known artists in the Metal scene to record an album in order “…to express his passion for deferent kinds of extreme music he’s bore since his youth”, as the Press release states. And this is one of the few times that I will agree with what I read.But be careful. By saying “extreme Metal” it doesn’t mean that all you are going to listen is Black/Death Metal with growls and supersonic speeds. Except from that you will find all the influences of Estby: doom a-la CANDLEMASS, riffs that will bring in mind something from KING DIAMOND, old-school mid tempo Death Metal, a song with JB behind the microphone that has an essence of doom with his vocals giving a stoner-like style to the song, some Thrash-y moments here and there, and of course classic Heavy Metal…I think you got the picture. The self titled album from NECRONAUT is manifold, giving the younger ones the chance to find out what really “extreme” is in Metal, without all those kitsch things that many bands use to become “evil” nowadays, and the older ones the chance to look back at the past.

So, at the end, will I take out my shovel? Hell no! This album is the exception of the general rule for these projects. All the songs have a meaning in this CD. The production helps for all the tracks sound as they should. Not polished but on the other hand not like they were recorded 20 years ago in a four channel console. “Necronaut” is an album you should give a chance to.

3 Star Rating

  1. Crimson Field
  2. Twilight At The Trenches
  3. In Dark Tribute
  4. Soulside Serpents
  5. Infecting Madness
  6. After The Void
  7. The Lie In Which The Truth Is Buried
  8. Returning To Kill The Light
  9. Tower Of Death
  10. Rise Of The Sentinel
Fred Estby - Guitars, Bass, Drums, Vocals (in “The Lie In Which The Truth Is Buried”)

Chris Reifert - Vocals (in “Crimson Field”)
Tomas Lindberg - Vocals (in “Rise Of The Sentinel”)
Joakim Nilsson - Vocals (in “After The Void”)
JB - Vocals (in “Soulside Serpents”), Lead Guitar (in “Returning To Kill The Light”)
Hellbutcher – Vocals (in “In Dark Tribute”)
Erik Danielsson - Vocals (in “Returning To Kill The Light”)
Nicke Andersson – Vocals (in “Tower Of Death”), Lead Guitar (in “The Lie In Which The Truth Is Buried”)
Drette Axelsson - Vocals (in “Twilight At The Trenches”)
David Blomqvist - Lead Guitar (in “After The Void” and “Rise Of The Sentinel”)
Tyrant - Lead Guitar (in “In Dark Tribute”)
Uffe Cederlund - Lead Guitar (in “After The Void”)
Robert Pehrsson - Lead Guitar (in “Soulside Serpents”)
Robert Dahlqvist - Lead Guitar (in “Soulside Serpents”)
Record Label: Regain Records


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