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Necronautical - Apothesis Award winner

by Louise Brown at 21 August 2019, 4:55 PM

British Black Metal band NECRONAUTICAL got their start during the year 2010 and have been active ever since.  They've released a total of three albums to date; "Black Sea Misanthropy" (2014), "The Endurance At Night" (2016), and the album being reviewed today, "Apothesis," which was released this year.

The opening track, "All Is Vanity," has a Gothic-sounding intro followed immediately by fast-paced music with a bit of a Symphonic Metal influence. The vocals are pure Black Metal in nature, bringing a dark energy to the song which gives it an aggressive sound. There's a great melodic change-up that accompanies the chorus as well as the break which takes place halfway through the song. All of those elements combine together to make the track irresistible to anyone who likes Black Metal as much as I do. "Nihil Sub Sole Novum"starts with the solemn note of a pipe organ before switching over to heavy guitar riffs accompanied by loud percussion. The vocals have a great deal of power to them as the singer shows off his uncanny ability to hit several piercing notes. A surprisingly beautiful guitar solo is the feature about halfway though the track. I like the nice melody and tone of the song despite its grim nature. It passes quite quickly for a seven-minute composition. "Lure Of The Abyss" has a different rhythm right from the beginning versus the previous tracks. It's still dark, but a much more melodic influence. The song also has a fairly evident Symphonic Metal sub-influence. It works quite well with the harsher-sounding vocals, make them even more commanding and effective. The pace of the track slows as the symphonic elements make themselves more apparent. The track possesses a combination of sounds which keep the listener interested, particularly during an excellent guitar solo.

The title track, "Apothesis," has a very low-key intro which is sparse yet appealing. Atmospheric effects are well utilized, giving the track a bleak undertone. Once the music gains power and volume it becomes even harder to ignore. There is a great balance between the percussion and guitars, which becomes even easier to appreciate as keyboards are added to the mix. Another excellent vocal performance send the song over the top, making it a Black Metal masterpiece. I'm impressed by the high skill level demonstrated by the musicians in this band. "Totentanz" is slower-paced in comparison to the previous tracks, yet just as powerful. It has a great deal of Symphonic Metal influence, giving the song an almost haunted quality. The result is eerily beautiful rather than disturbing; think "Bram Stoker's Dracula" versus "From Dusk Till Dawn" and you'll get the idea. Good rhythm and melody are impossible to miss, too. It's obvious the band takes pride in creating well-written music.  "Here Begins The Fall" is also quite good, though the vocals are somewhat overpowered by the backing music as the song opens. Once the pace of the music picks up considerably the problem with the vocals goes away, fortunately. The percussion of the track is more powerful than ever, more or less forcing the  listener to submit. More outstanding guitar-playing is featured, too, creating a level of tension that will have you moving as you listen to it. The song is simply great. "Down The Endless Spiral" is lovely as it begins with an acoustic sound. It possesses a sense of melancholy that never completely leaves the track. I'm hooked by the song's classic Black Metal nature that is blended almost perfectly with the underlying Melodic and Symphonic Metal elements. It's a track that flows effortlessly, making despair absolutely beautiful. It's my favorite song on the entire album, too.

 This album is terrific. Definitely add it to your own collection.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. All Is Vanity
2. Nihil Sub Sole Novum
3. Lure Of The Abyss
4. Apotheosis
5. Totentanz
6. Here Begins The Fall
7. The Endless Spiral

Naut -  Vocals, guitar
Carcarrion -  Guitar
Anchorite -  Bass
Slugh -  Drums

Record Label: Candlelight Records


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