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Necrophagia - Deathtrip 69

Deathtrip 69
by Maria Godosi at 09 June 2011, 1:29 PM

Being ‘born’ back in 1983, Necrophagia, death metal classified band from  Wellsville -Ohio, is back in business after a 6 year absence. This new album, was released after a three year delay, since it was supposed to be out during 2008, while having their loyal followers –and I must tell you they are many - waiting patiently for this day to come.

By the band’s name –which in Greek is the noun for eating corpses- even If you have never heard of the band, you can easily understand what you ears are going to listen to. As for the fans of the genre, Necrophagia is a very well known band and also one of the first bands that ever played death metal.

Having the amazing Frank ‘’Killjoy’’ Pucci on vocals since the beginning of the band and after a lot of breaks and break ups, and many line-up changes – including Pantera’s  Phil  Anselmo and Daemonia’s drummer Tita Tanni –  released their new album ‘Deathtrip 69’ faithful to their themes and concepts, based on horror movies. In the past releases the band has paid credit to famous horror icons such as Jose Mojica Marins (aka "Coffin Joe"), Jörg Buttgereit (Nekromantik) and Evil dead trilogy.

Circle of Evil dead’s series gets complete with the very first track ‘Naturan Demonto’ – a circle who started with ‘Ancient Slumber’ and continued with ‘It lives in the woods’- and then ‘Beast With Feral Claws’ brings up In mind ‘The howling’ .

Bells, piano and acoustic guitars welcomes you to ‘Tomb with a View’ before the dirge riffs in a song which refers to classical Black Sunday movie. "City of the Living Dead" is tributed in ‘Bleeding Eyes Of The Eternally Damned ’while "Trick R Treat (The Last Halloween)"  with the swirling riffs refers to the ‘Halloween’ anthology.

Last two tracks ‘Deathtrip 69’ and ‘Death Valley 69’ are based on Charles Manson American murderer from Ohio, who became known from ‘The Manson family’ movie. The Charles Manson rant at the front of the title track is something I liked pretty much.

This album is full of gore, horror, macabre sensibility and evil melodies. Crushing drumwork, atmospheric heavy riffs and my personally beloved Killjoy’s vocals make this new release one of the most interesting and solid of this year so far. I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I am sure that Necrophagia will be recording a new album  using the plenty interesting horror movies that exist. But let’s hope we will not have to wait as much as we did this time. 

4 Star Rating

  1. Naturan Demonto
  2. Beast with Feral Claws
  3. Tomb with a View
  4. Suffering Comes in Sixes
  5. A Funeral for Solange
  6. Kyra
  7. Bleeding Eyes of the Eternally Damned
  8. Trick R' Treat (The Last Halloween)
  9. Deathtrip 69
  10. Death Valley 69
Frank "Killjoy" Pucci - Vocals
 Boris Randall - Guitars
 Damien Mathews - Bass
 Shawn Slusarek - Drums
Record Label: Season Of Mist


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