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Necrophagia - WhiteWorm Cathedral Award winner

WhiteWorm Cathedral
by Mike Coyle at 04 December 2014, 12:48 AM

It has been almost four years since NECROPHAGIA released “Deathtrip 69”, since then the band have been working on what could be one of their most triumphant releases to date, this being “WhiteWorm Cathedral”, I mean just by hearing that title it makes you think of NECROPHAGIA.

So before we start I just want to say what an honour it is to be reviewing one of NECROPHAGIA’s records, this is a band that has been able to create a legacy which has stood proudly since their first demo “Death is Fun” in 1984, now they’re still here bringing it the way they always have done.

This is “WhiteWorm Cathedral”!

I have decided to start this review off with one of my favorites off of this so far “Angel Blake”. From the start we get this very chilling guitar sound emitting out of nowhere, then suddenly we get a strong and fast and also very groovy guitar chorus coming through with full force. As the song has started we get the powerful and destructive growls of the legend himself Killjoy bringing his traditional form of gory and vicious vocals to the mix, the song is packed with some of the heaviest guitar pieces I have heard all year, as well as some of the best solos I have heard on any NECROPHAGIA album, on this song there is this strong Doom influence which I keep hearing throughout the entire track and you know what it is fucking brilliant if I do say so myself. The entire track is both fast and destructive, in fact I would say that this is a headbanger’s dream come true, to be very honest, as it holds some of the great traits this band is known for and much much more.

We now go to my next choice off of this already ripping album: “Fear The Priest”. As with many NECROPHAGIA record there are always the heavy gore aspects that can be found within their music as well as the opening to this track which quite pleasantly goes IT BURNS IT BURNS!! Now, compared to the last track this one starts off quite slowly but of course starts moving towards this vicious groove which is just fantastic if I may say. This is a very different style of song but has the soul and intense vibe that makes this band a solid unit for destructive capabilities, so I can safely say that this is truly one hell of a destructive jam. Throughout the song the band use this very ritualistic theme which can be found near the middle section of this track and really it has this powerful effect which just drives the inner being to want to come out and go crazy.

So to conclude. The legacy of this band has always had different twists and turns as many bands do, but truly this is a gem of an album that not only keeps to the bands standard of sound but adds a dash of something for every Death Metal fan. Truly this is by far one of the best albums I have had the pleasure of reviewing and I can tell you now that this will be added to my physical record collection folks without a doubt.

5 Star Rating

1. Reborn through Black Mass
2. Вий
3. Angel Blake
4. Warlock Messiah
5. Fear the Priest
6. Elder Things
7. Coffins
8. Hexen Nacht
9. Rat Witch
10. March of the Deathcorps(e)
11. Silentium Vel Mortis
12. The Dead Among Us
13. WhiteWorm Cathedral
Killjoy - Vocals
Scrimm - Guitars
Abigail Lee Nero - Guitars
Shawn Slusarek - Drums
Damien Matthews - Bass
Mirai Kawashima - Keyboards
Record Label: Season Of Mist


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