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Necrophagia - Goblins Be Thine (CD)

Goblins Be Thine
by Thodoris Pantazopoulos at 17 April 2004, 7:53 PM

…Are you kiddin' me? Oh God no, this must be a joke or else I can't explain the reason why this abomination carries the logo of Necrophagia upon it. This wasn't for sure what I expected to hear after their previous, supreme release The Divine art of torture and I am afraid that this is a turning point in Necrophagia's career, who seem to focus on atmospheric/keyboard-ruled sounds and leave once and for all their past behind them, their glory days.
Where are those god damned guitars!? Where's the primitive element that made you wanna remove your best friend's throat?! Keyboards everywhere and a vocalist who prefers to pronounce the lyrics as if we were in a poetic lecture.
Do Not Be Tricked by the first and most 'normal' for the band's standards song, the rest of the album is more like a soundtrack of a vampiric/gothic movie and to be a honest, of a very boring one too.  To sleep with the dead…well I don't know if there were any dead bodies around me but I can assure you that this song is a qualitative and a totally effective hypnotic. For those who suffer from insomnia, don't worry. All the songs provide adequate help concerning your 'fighting insomnia' issues.
The Young burial that follows, extends the listener's sleep for 11 whole minutes (you lucky ones!) unless the forenamed woke up around the 6th minute of the track, when it is proven indisputably that any band trying to get into My dying bride's music fields, causes plentiful laughter.
It's really pointless to add anything more about this release, as after 32 minutes I found myself wondering whether I heard more than one song. A complete waste of my time, an album proofing that there are more boring things in life than soap operas. Yes, I admit that sometimes I enjoyed the theatrical atmosphere. Some others though (2nd track), I thought that the sound of a national anthem came out from my speakers but dear friends the time of the oncoming Olympic games hasn't yet arrived.
Does anybody of you keep contacts with his ex-goth girlfriend? Well, you just found a present-farce for her name day! Yeah, that's it! At last I found the usefulness of this album! Now give me back the precious minutes I spent during the listening…

1 Star Rating

Sadako's Curse
To sleep With The Dead
Young Burial
The Fog
Goblins Be Thine
Killjoy - Vocals
Frediablo - Guitar
Iscariah - Bass
Fug - Guitar
Mirai Kawashima - Keyboards
Titta Tani - Drums


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