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Necrophobic - Mark Of The Necrogram Award winner

Mark Of The Necrogram
by "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams at 28 February 2018, 7:34 AM

NECROPHOBIC are a Swedish Blackened Death Metal band formed back in 1989 by drummer Joakim Sterner and now-deceased guitarist David Parland (R.I.P.). It is believed that the band named themselves after a SLAYER song from the 1986 album “Reign in Blood”. The pair played with a 'revolving door' line-up of musicians until the permanent addition of bassist Tobias Sidegård. This addition occurred prior to recording their debut 7" Single, “The Call”, in early 1992. With this line up and the addition of Anders Strokirk on vocals who replaced Stefan Harrvik (who had sung on the “Unholy Prophecies” demo and “The Call” 7" Single) the band entered Sunlight Studio in March 1993 and recorded the debut “The Nocturnal Silence” album. The band had previously worked with the Wild Rags label and store for its singles.

Following the addition of second guitarist Martin Halfdahn, NECROPHOBIC released a four-song extended play, “Spawned by Evil”, in 1996. This was a teaser for the full-length release, “Darkside”, which came out later that same year. This album featured a guest appearance by Jon Nödtveidt of DISSECTION on the song “Nailing the Holy One”. “The Third Antichrist” was released in fall 2000 through Black Mark Production. A switch to Hammerheart Records led to “Bloodhymns”. In 2006, NECROPHOBIC released “Hrimthursum” on Regain Records/Candlelight USA, and “Death to All” was issued in May 2009 and won the title of the Album of The Month on Webzine. This album was the bands second for Regain Records. NECROPHOBIC also released “Satanic Blasphemies” on Regain records, which is a compilation of their early material. The lyrics generally tend to revolve around darkness, evil, anti-Christianity and Viking mythology.

Mark of the Necrogram” has the sound of a Melodic Death / Black Metal masterpiece from the start. Its dark, fast and stupidly well-balanced. The instrumentals are firing on all cylinders from the off, the heads will band and the feet will tap. It is very intense, similar to BEHEMOTH and DISSECTION’s best work. The depth through the song is very well structured and keeps itself together well without running off into different styles, they just seem to play to their own strengths.

Sacrosanct” is another hard-hitting track that holds nothing back once more. The melody is beautiful, there is real passion going into this song. The guitar is flawless and hots the notes majestically. The dark vocals are in short outbursts but add a great depth and tempo to the melody. The Melodic Black Metal vibes from this song are easy for all to hear and appreciate. “Pesta” is dark and intense as so is this entire album. This has a more Death Metal melody to it, but the sound is fantastic once more. Without a doubt this is a work of art and again it has the low almost muttering in the background to add ambience and depth. It just helps to build up the tempo mid song until it explodes into a beautiful Black solo.


Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Mark of the Necrogram
2. Odium Caecum
3. Tsar Bomba
4. Lamashtu
5. Sacrosanct
6. Pesta
7. Requiem for a Dying Sun
8. Crown of Horns
9. From The Great Above to the Great Below
10. Undergången
Joakim Sterner - Drums
Anders Strokirk - Vocals
Sebastian Ramstedt – Lead Guitars, Backing Vocals
Johan Bergebäck – Rhythm Guitars
Alexander Friberg – Bass
Record Label: Century Media Records


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