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Necrophobic - Death To All (CD)

Death To All
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 03 June 2009, 12:41 PM

NECROPHOBIC, as many of you extreme metallers may know, are no newbies in the Metal scene. In fact, Death To All marks their 20th anniversary and I guess that I will have to face an album full of colossal riffing and hellish compositions. It has been a while since I spent some time on these guys, but as it seems I didn't miss much. Only a limited EP and a full-length album. Time to do my homework I guess.

The Swedish legion NECROPHOBIC have been raising hell since 1989, and their current line up features members that have been involved in bands like NIFELHEIM, EXHUMED, DISMEMBER and THERION among others. This is their sixth album and I guess that not many things have changed since this band is steady as fuck…

…and when I say steady I mean it in a good way. Not that their music hasn't progressed through the years, but in similar bands you know what to expect and you know who they are and what they do. NECROPHOBIC (along with their brothers NIFELHEIM) are one of those cult Swedish Thrash/Black Metal acts with the raw energy flowing through every song and a totally old school attitude melting your face! If someone could compare their sound to other bands, I think he would come across NIFELHEIM, UNANIMATED, early GOD DETHRONED etc. This brutal, yet slightly melodic mixture of Swedish Black Metal and European Thrash is exactly what an old school Metal fan could ask for in the 21st century. Rotten guitars with bestial vocals and a relentless rhythm section ready to kick your ass!

There are a few times that I lost interest, but it was only for a while since the guitars would spit another poisonous riff right in my face! Not the best album for this year, but an honest release full of aggression and blasphemous melodies. If you are a fan of the Swedish scene (not the modern one of course), I would advice you to go and check it out immediately!

3 Star Rating

Celebration Of The Goat
Revelation 666
La Santisima Muerte
For Those Who Stayed Satanic
Temple Of Damnation
The Tower
Wings Of Death
Death To All
Tobias Sidegard - Vocals
Sebastian Ramstedt - Guitar
Johan Bergeback - Guitar
Alex Friberg - Bass
Joakim Sterner - Drums
Record Label: Regain Records


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