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Necropsy - Tomb Of The Forgotten (The Complete Demo Recordings) Award winner

Tomb Of The Forgotten (The Complete Demo Recordings)
by Spyros Stasis at 06 May 2013, 2:57 PM

I need to state from the start that I am not the most suitable person to suggest that you buy a compilation album. Once a record store assistant spent about thirty-five minutes trying to convince me to buy the EDGE OF SANITY, “When All Is Said: The Best of Edge of Sanity” compilation, just because he did not have both “Crimson I” and “Crimson II” available. I just got them a few weeks after. But this compilation here of NECROPSY is a whole different beast.

The main reason why this compilation is unique is simple: it includes everything that the band has released (or has not released in some cases) since they first formed. “Tomb of The Forgotten” tells the story of one of the most obscure bands in the European extreme Metal scene in the late 80s and early 90s. NECROPSY put together their Thrash Metal influences from bands such as SLAYER and DARK ANGEL together with the early death metal of bands such as DEATH and the proto-death of POSSESSED with maybe a hint of CELTIC FROST in there to forge their own sound. Unfortunately after seven demos, one EP release and a split with Finnish Death Metal legends DEMIGOD the band split up. That is until 2011, when they released their first, long overdue, full length: “Bloodwork”.

So the guys from Century Media have decided to dig deep and have managed to find all of the recordings that NECROPSY have done before their reunion and are releasing them as a 3CD jewel case and in a 4LP vinyl version. Starting from the bands first demo “Mental Disturbance” (tracks 1-3 of CD 1) you get the statement that NECROPSY were trying to make, a point that becomes even more obvious in the “Cursed” demo (tracks 4-9 of CD 1), and their “Indigestion” demo (tracks 10-17 of CD 1). The SLAYER-ized guitar leads and short solos and riffs such as in “Imminent Prophecy” works perfectly with the darker sounding Thrash Metal influences from DARK ANGEL in songs like “Scars Beyond Recovery”, while they also bring down heavier, groovier CELTIC FROST moments such as “Fetchers of Soul”.

And as the compilation takes you through the bands chronicles, the darker it gets. The second CD, comprising of the “Promo 1991” demo (tracks 1-2 of CD 2), the “Another World” demo (tracks 3-6 of CD 2) and the “Go All The Way of Flesh” demo sees the band finding a much darker sound, with slightly more mid tempo parts but still retaining their thrash influences, it is basically much closer to the Death Metal genre in general, something obvious even from the very first song of the second CD “Never To Be Forgotten”. The onslaught continues with tracks such as “Under The Masses” and “Dancing Among The Dead” and they even get on stranger paths with tracks such as the sickening and majestic “Garden of Rotting”.

On the final CD, NECROPSY is still on the same state as in CD 2. Included here is the songs from the split with DEMIGOD (tracks 1-6 of CD 3), the “Promo 1993” demo (tracks 7-11 of CD 3) and one track from the “Monohead” compilation (track 12 of CD 3), which I have no idea what else this compilation includes, but I know that the track is killer. Some songs appear more than once, such as “White Perfect Fume” and “Under The Masses” but that can be forgiven when your compilation includes forty (!!!) songs.

Unfortunately it seems like NECROPSY disbanded when they had managed to get a great sound and truth is we will never know what they could have achieved if they had stick together for a while longer. Still their full-length album, “Bloodwork”, was a really strong album and who knows maybe the band will be now fueled by this compilation and release something even more exciting, we just need to wait and see. Since this is one of the most complete compilations that you will find… Therefore…

4 Star Rating

CD 1

1. Mental Disturbance
2. Extricate From Life
3. Slippery Games
4. Intro – Appearing Lunacy
5. Scars Beyond Recovery
6. Fetchers of Soul
7. Imminent Prophecy
8. Curse
9. L.G.I.
10. Intro – Sanctify the Crucifixion Ritual
11. Dust Thou Art
12. Allienced With Darkness
13. Fall – Out
14. G.A.B.G.
15. Chronic Agony
16. Formal Absurdity
17. Charge of Undead

CD 2

1. Never To Be Forgotten
2. Dark Fantasies
3. Refusal of Cross
4. Under The Masses
5. White Perfect Fume
6. Locked
7. Born and Begotten In Sin
8. Dance Among The Dead
9. Cross of Deceased Flesh
10. Garden of Rotting
11. Cold Inert Mass of Meat

CD 3

1. Intro
2. Blasphemous Degradation
3. White Perfect Fume
4. From The Depths
5. Under the Masses
6. The Morass
7. Implicit Confidence
8. Shattered
9. Rune of Suffering
10. Black Dyed Dawns
11. Martyrdom
12. Anointing of The Sick
Janne Kosonen – Guitars (lead)
Tero Kosonen - Vocals
Ville Vartiainen - Bass
Hannu Vaananen - Drums
Sami Heinonen – Guitars (rhythm)
Record Label: Century Media


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