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Necros Christos - Doom Of The Occult Award winner

Necros Christos
Doom Of The Occult
by Maria Godosi at 08 May 2011, 10:42 PM

Since most of you guys, when you read a review, you start reading the last part of it -which includes the reviewer’s general opinion and the rating -(don’t feel bad about it, this is what I also do most of the times) I thought it would be a good idea to start with the last part of my review.
This album is one of the  best new releases I have heard during 2011. I loved it and I have to admit that I keep on listening to it every day for the last week. Death metal from Germany (a country which is not well known for its death metal scene), so dark and occult which made me fully enjoy the whole time I was listening to it.

(the rating part still goes on the bottom).

But let me begin this review…!

NECROS CHRISTOS (which stands for ‘Dead Christ’ in greek)is a death metal band from Germany formed back in 2001.The first time I heard NECROS CHRISTOS was about 5 years ago when Black Mass Desecration (demo cd released in 2003) came into my hands. I liked it very much so I Kept on following  their steps since back then.
When I received the list with the albums to review, the decision was easy. NECROS CHRISTOS’ new release was there waiting for me. ‘Doom Of The Occult’ is their second full-length album.
You will be wondering about  the tracklist , which contains 23 tracks across 73 minutes.
Necros Christos like to include interludes in their albums between songs. Interludes (Gates & Temples)  with tunes of European folk music or middle eastern grooves often with acoustic guitar or/and further obscure instruments. So the result is 9 songs and 14 interludes which make u mentally travel to the past (I could listen a whole album full of this folk tunes). The production is perfectly clear and the mix is very well balanced .

If I had to make a comparison I would say that NECROS CHRISTOS’ remind me a bit of Hellhammer and Immolation (not for the technique but mostly about the morbid sphere of it) and Autopsy  (because of the well-placed top-notched solos).

4 years have passed since Necros Christos released their  previous  CD "Triune Impurity Rites" and they  have returned with this new masterpiece , more mature but still with this ritualistic feeling that has become their trademark.
I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did. 

4 Star Rating

  Temple I: Kyrie Eleison
Baal Of Ekron
Temple II: Oremus. Levate. Shoresh ha-Ra hay-a Necros Christos
Hathor O Dendera
Gate 1: Naamaz )
Temple III: Lux tecum. Et cum Necros Christum.
Necromantique Nun
Temple IV: Dona Eis Requiem, Dona Eis Christos Necros Sempiternam.
Iinvoked From Carrion Slumber
Gate 2: Sugvari
Temple IX.99: Per Necros Christos Dominum Nostrum. Amen. Amen. Amen.
Doom Of Kali Maa - Pyramid Of Shakti I Love – Flame Of Master Shiva
Gate 3: Dhwahma
Temple V: Sursum Corda. Habemus Ad Christum Necros.
Succumbed To Sarkum Phagum
Temple VI: De Profundis Clamavi Ad Te, Domine. Invocabit Me, Necros Christe.
Visceras Of The Embalmed Deceased
Gate 4: Marg
Temple VII: Vidimus Stellam Ejus In Oriente. Liw-Jatan Est Necros Christos Dominum.
The Pharaonic Dead
Temple VIII: Ha-ma`Azil ha-Eljon. Necros Christos Vobiscum
Descending Into The Kingly Tomba
Gate 5: Zolmat
Mors Dalos Ra- Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards
Black Shepherd Ov Doom - Bass
The Evil N. - Guitars
Mister Raelin - Drums
Record Label: Sepulchral Aura


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