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Necroshine - Invocation Of Blasphemy

Invocation Of Blasphemy
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 16 December 2013, 5:10 PM

The innermost hankering for the obscenities of the darkened manner, an ancient belief that spreads a demonic maleficium, like a spear straight through the heart, looking for another common folk to manifest itself upon, rallying more troops to the gathering blackened army of the down under. Or I could have just pointed it as a Black Metal benediction for a world beyond. Essentially there is nothing over and beyond when it comes to the begrimed memorandum of the Italian Black / Death Metal brutes of NECROSHINE and their third impious doctrine “Invocation Of Blasphemy”. Deflecting between early 90’s Norse Black Metal values on through Teutonic and Dutch Death / Thrash Metal apparatuses, the wretched Italian being reckoned to devour soul after soul with their unhuman intensity, however, virtually enrolled as yet another member of a contorted ocean of identical bands, due to if their patterns to be so oblivious and sometimes infuriating.

Simply an all-out war against the heavens, and it appeared to me that there is nothing more other than an overall Black Metal carnage. NECROSHINE constantly remained on the offensive, leading with fast paced drumming, pounding ruthlessly reserving the music as energetic and always on the move, but the question is to where? In fact, after stuffing a wall of vocals, mainly multi channeled growls that in due course made no sense at all, rather generic type of riffery that has been the bread and butter of Black Metal (even with the Death Metal aspects), other than solid “Crown Of Thorns” that reminded me of the SLAYERish incision of the German DEW-SCENTED, nevertheless nothing out of the conventional. The mixing isn’t impressive at all, therefore my stuffing comments earlier. Generally, it felt that the music might on high octane but lead to nowhere, another swift of the sword of the underworld, yet didn’t plunge the blade deep enough, shattering on the crust. However, “Lust in Sin” may be the band’s beacon of light, introducing the band’s vigorous character that inflamed with a few decent ideas, reminding Black Metal’s prime with a somewhat atmospheric main riff and a fine double bass drum display. Though late to concede it, but then again it is too bad that the songs didn’t show a sign of melodic features that would have upgraded the material’s impact.

NECROSHINE was far to provide anything to renew for Black Metal music, and it is highly respected by yours truly. On the other hand, I can’t deem this release as a quality one. Not because of its rawness, but due to its repetitiveness, messy arrangements and in a way its consistency that this time around torn it asunder. No doubt that “Invocation Of Blasphemy” is fast and vastly intense, conversely it is tough to remained glued to the stiffness. As far as the band’s infusion of Death / Thrash Metal is concerned, I barely felt its influence on the music, only bits and pins predominantly. By and large, nothing special, but I think that this release would commemorate die hard second wave Black Metal devotees.         

2 Star Rating

1. Lust in Sin
2. Osculum Obscenum
3. Crown of Thorns
4. Invocation of Blasphemy
5. Heretica
6. In Heaven You Will Burn
7. Another Feather of Your Saints' Wings Has Broken
8. Black Metal (Venom Cover)
Marco – Guitars / Bass
Matteo – Vocals
Stefano - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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