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Necrostrigis - From Bleak Cavernous Chambers

From Bleak Cavernous Chambers
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 16 April 2020, 4:33 AM

Some fans of Black Metal that are alive after 20-30 years living in the scene miss the old days of the 90’s, when things were done in an organic way, when the genre was being reconstructed for the generations to come. Of course that was too much naïve passion back than that people links to music, but those days were really amazing. And the Polish duet NECROSTRIGIS shows what the past had of beautiful with their new release, the compilation “From Bleak Cavernous Chambers”.

The same nasty and bitter features of the music that MAYHEM, DARKTHRONE, BURZUM, ANCIENT, MYSTERIIS, IMMORTAL, MARDUK and many others played back in the first half of the 90’s is pulsing here, that same crude and nasty approach filled with somber ambiences can be heard on this release. On it, songs of the band’s long discography, but some being released on LP for the first time, giving the opportunity of many Black Metal fans have an easy access to the band’s work. It’s really very good, besides this form of music isn’t new at all, but reignites the old flame in the hearts of SWOBM fans. The production is really crude, as many can expect. As told above, “From Bleak Cavernous Chambers” is a release that praises the past and is a compilation of what they released until now, so some changes can be heard. But even being somewhat outdated, it works and the fans can understand what is being played.

The nasty and abrasive riffs of “Night Sabbath Metal” (a song that show many tempos changes, and traces of SODOM Black/Thrash Metal days, an early influence for SWOBM musical model), the furious and crude “Above the Profound Darkness of Underground” (another song that shows some guitars influences by early Black/Thrash Metal days), the thunderous and brutal duo of “Grave Cavern (Hunting for Blood)” and “The Time of Archaic Alliance” (both with very good rhythmic work from bass guitar and drums), the oppression made music called “Fires of the Devil’s Blood”, and the brutal grasp of “Possessed by the Cult of the Night” (very good screamed vocals) are the ones for a first time on their work.

Although making old Metal genres from the past can make many bands be entrapped by the clichés, NECROSTRIGIS really shows a very good work on this compilation, and “From Bleak Cavernous Chambers” is an opportunity for those that didn’t heard their work and are looking for something in the SWOBM way. This release is for all of you.

Musicianship: 8
Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 6

4 Star Rating

1. Night Sabbath Metal
2. Above the Profound Darkness of Underground
3. The Temple of Murderous Shadows
4. Grave Cavern (Hunting for Blood)
5. The Time of Archaic Alliance
6. W-interludium
7. Cursed Dead Marshes
8. Fires of the Devil’s Blood
9. Possessed by the Cult of the Night
10. NecrOutro
Wolfvamphyr - Vocals, Drums, Guitars
PLR IV - Bass
Record Label: Nebular Carcoma


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