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Necrotted – Die for Something Worthwhile

Die for Something Worthwhile
by Santiago Puyol at 08 October 2019, 6:49 PM

NECROTTED is a German Death Metal band with some Progressive and Technical influences. They have released one EP and three full-length albums so far with "Die for Something Worthwhile," coming Oct. 10, 2019, being the follow-up EP to 2017’s album "Worldwide Warfare.” This sextet fuses complex songwriting and intricate musicianship with harsh and brutal Death Metal to make this 13-minute sonic assault.

The EP gets started with the title track. "Die for Something Worthwhile" presents the sound of the band quickly, featuring heavy riffing and blasting drums. Death growls are upfront on the mix, taking a prominent role with an angry, aggressive delivery. Although just a little over three minutes – as all the other tracks in here – it has an interesting structure, with shifting rhythmic patterns. The band’s technique is impressive for sure.

"Eudaimonia" goes next and it is an absolute headbanger. Angular riffing provides contrast to the almost mechanical feel of the track, especially being a great counterpoint to drummer Markus Braun behind the kit. Braun makes the most of the peculiar, hard-hitting tone of the snare, keeping a steady beat amidst the chaos.

Demonic screaming and undulating guitar riffs present "Six Feet Deep, No Party Too Steep," a highlight of the EP. Guitar patterns move up and down, pushing the song forwards. There’s an impressive, short, but effective guitar solo, with some shredding power. An abrupt stop makes for a false ending that might catch you off guard. After that brief second of silence the song settles into a groovy vibe for its coda, with some tom-and-bass drum action at the end.

"Weltschmerz" feels a bit like a horror movie soundtrack on steroids. Some unsettling guitar melodies lurk beneath manic drumming. Koray Saglam’s bass feels more present here, adding some necessary depth to the song, avoiding being buried in the mix. It is an effective, intense final song.

Production is mostly fine but nothing too special. It gets its job done, but there’s room for improvement. Although the band’s technique is impressive and the songwriting is always noteworthy, the drumming does get a bit too intrusive at times, making it difficult to fully appreciate interesting and sometimes even catchy guitar work. Bass is barely audible through much of the EP, also getting buried in a barricade of blast beats.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 5
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Die for Something Worthwhile
2. Eudaimonia
3. Six Feet Deep, No Party Too Steep
4. Weltschmerz
Fabian Fink – Vocals
Pavlos Chatzistavridis – Vocals
Philipp Fink – Guitars
Johannes Wolf – Guitars
Koray Saglam – Bass
Markus Braun – Drums
Record Label: Rising Nemesis Records


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