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Necrotted - Operation Mental Castration Award winner

Operation Mental Castration
by Daphne Minks Daly at 03 May 2021, 8:38 PM

NECROTTED, formed in 2008, has released three full-length albums, and their latest stands up well next to the rest of their catalog. "Operation Mental Castration" combines melodic death metal guitar work with brutal blast beats to pull together one hell of a rough and tumble metal album.

The album brings with it a complex lyrical concept, which is not unusual for NECROTTED. Written and recorded in 2020, the album was released through the up-and-coming label REAPER ENTERTAINMENT and is poised for setting what they call "a new benchmark for modern, diversified death metal." Personally, this reviewer is inclined to agree with them.

The first track, "My Mental Castration," brings with it a phantasmic intro that leads into what can only be described as bone-crushing, thunderous metal designed to melt faces and liquify skulls. The song is well balanced with dueling vocals and plenty of melodic change-ups. The vocals are ferocious, and the guitar absolutely intoxicating.

"Compulsory Consumption," track two, is a thick and heavy sludge track with groove tucked into all the right places. A quick favorite for this reviewer, the lyrics are catchy and absolutely chant-worthy. Gutteral, primal, and wrought with fire, the vocals are intense and bring the listener into the circle of power, creating one hell of a powerful ambiance. The fitting fade-out ending is noteworthy as well.

The third song, "Asocial Media Whore" is a power-fueled whiplash of a track that sucks you into its vortex. Visions of rage-driven pits waft through the mind as this track drags its sludgy, death metal boots through the muck. The only downside is that it ends far too quickly and much too abruptly. More, please.

"Happy Dysphoria" adds to this album's already deliciously ruthless underbelly by adding in GRIMO of CYTOTOXIN. A wildly perfect choice for this vicious, crunchy, power-chug track. The varied vocal stylings work perfectly together and apart, creating a ten-foot thick wall of sound.

"Abhorrence And Anxiety" is the sixth track on "Operation Mental Castration" and is a head-severing, razor-sharp death metal banger that begs to be played live. In the meantime, it's a perfect track to listen to alone in the dark. It appeals to the senses and begs to be experienced, not just heard. There are a lot of layers to explore here.

A perfect follow-up is "The Burning Emptiness In Me," track seven. A theatrical song that never seems to lose sight of its foundation, it chugs along until ending abruptly, which leaves a little bit left on the table in this reviewer's opinion. The song could've gone on longer and undoubtedly wouldn't have lost its ferocity.

Closing out the album is "Cynic Suicide," a melodious and rather unexpected offering to "Operation Mental Castration." The dip into black metal and back into death is a bit of a different sound than NECROTTED has exhibited on previous tracks. It's complex and exciting, opening the door to unimaginable possibilities for whatever comes next for this band. Superior musicianship sets NECROTTED apart from many other bands in the genre, and this album is well-deserving of praise.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. My Mental Castration
2. Compulsory Consumption
3. Asocial Media Whore
4. Work Hard, Gain Nothing
5. Happy Dysphoria
6. Abhorrence And Anxiety
7. The Burning Emptiness In Me
8. Drained
9. Mirror's Malicious Glance
10. Cynic Suicide
Fabian Fink - Vocals
Markus Braun - Drums
Philipp Fink - Guitars
Koray Saglam - Bass
Johannes Wolf - Guitars
Record Label: Reaper Entertainment


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