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Necrotted - Utopia 2.0

Utopia 2.0
by Dave “That Metal Guy” Campbell at 16 October 2014, 8:56 PM

NECROTTED is a Death Metal/Death Core band from Germany.  They describe themselves as “The southern German death metal brigade NECROTTED has something to offer for everyone: sweeping, melodic guitar riffs and dashing blast beats come upon stomping slam parts and catchy refrains, which are presented by deep, guttural vocals. With this unmistakable sound and an amazing live performance, which was brought to perfection over the years, the six guys fascinate the audience every time they hit the stage.” This is their second full-length album, and contains twelve tracks. Following a tone-setting opener, “Utopia” is the first track with vocals. It roars in with fast, brutal tendencies, and a bone crunching rhythm section. The vocals do indeed vary between traditional Death metal and the sometimes higher and/or deeper Death Core style. “Rebuild and Revive” continues the all-out assault.  A furry of blast beat drumming and some riff alterations provide accent points for the deep and dark lyrics. “Assimilation” is just head pounding, willing you into submission. I can literally picture how hard of an impact this song would have in their live show, and how a crowd could feed off this energy, like a pack of zombies going in on some cornered people. “Bigotry Unmasked” pushed the envelope even further, really creating a sense of the macabre. Riff and meter changes are done effortlessly, accenting the command of their music.

Leading off the second half of the album is the track “Xenophobic Attitudes”. Though the vocals and rhythm section drive a lot of songs on the album, this is a track where the riffing really stands out for me. The patterns impart a feeling of evil that is very well done. “Mind Control” is the first track offered up with a different approach. It is a slower, more grinding song where the anguished vocals once again take center stage. “United We Stand” features a nice opening riff, and one where they allow some more musicality into the fold of their unrelenting style. Closing the album is the track “Philanthropic Misanthrope”. It’s a pretty balls-out ending to an album that just lays it all on the line. The album does a very nice job in the subject of pure brutality and Death Metal. Though the musicianship is very strong, there isn’t a lot of variation in this often unforgiving style. Still, I haven’t heard much deeper and powerful Death Metal/Death Core albums in some time. 

4 Star Rating

1. Step Forward
2. Utopia (We Are The Light)
3. Rebuild and Revive
4. Confiscation Day
5. Assimiltion
6. Bigotry Unmasked
7. Xenophobic Attitudes
8. Mind Control
9. Anthem of the Oppressed
10. Liberty, Equality, Brutality
11. United We Stand
12. Philanthropic Misanthrope
Fabian Fink - Vocals
Pavlos Chatzistavidis - Vocals
Phillip Fink - Guitar
Johannes Wolf - Guitar
Koray Saglam - Bass
Markus Braun - Drums
Record Label: Supreme Chaos Records


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