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Necroven - Primordial Subjugation

Primordial Subjugation
by Miky Ruta at 01 February 2017, 4:17 PM

NECROVEN is an old school Death Metal band from Spain that follows the roots and pure tradition of the genre with inspiration from the very early recordings of IMMOLATION, GOREAPHOBIA, DETERIOROT or MORTA SKULD.

“Primordial Subjugation”, released via Memento Mori, is their second full-length album following a four years period where they released a compilation and an EP. Keeping to their intentions, this record is a core solid old school Death Metal product.

“Sacrificial Deliverance” starts with an atmospheric 30 seconds of a cappella growling madness. The brutality of speed guitars and hammering drums kicks in right after and will be the main presence of the whole album. The song is slightly chaotic in its rhythm changes; perhaps it would have been more enjoyable with a slightly cleaner production.

“The Pyre Cycle (Burn In Solitude)” takes a slower Death pattern, with the classic hypnotising drumbeats. Good use of the cymbals to cadence and create ambiance.  We flawlessly enter into the title track, “Primordial Subjugation”, where breaks of full speed are crawling in as a bloody crusade that leaves a path of desolation. Great rhythm changes and turns in this tune, which certainly is the masterpiece of the album. It also marks the downward spiral of the recording, as from this point there are only few interesting parts left.

A second of breath before we get to the core of “Esoteric Entropy”. The band created a very interesting intro that seems to be a mix of a dark tribe chorus of voices. The song becomes then a bit standard, and predictable unfortunately, and again a quite messy in the mix of its rhythms. This continues with the following track “Martyrs Of Repentance” which only have an interesting break with a priest like invocation towards the end of its path.

“Serpents Crawl Stealthy” gives a little uplift in rhythms and construction of the song as a whole, and it’s a good track to close this raw album.

“Primordial Subjugation” is a good effort and it surely has a great appeal for new fans of the Death Metal Genres who will find in this band the unadulterated heritages of the great bands of the past.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Sacrificial Deliverance
2. The Pyre Cycle (Burn In Solitude)
3. Primordial Subjugation
4. The Ethereal
5. Esoteric Entropy (Gateway To The End)
6. Martyrs Of Repentance
7.Serpents Crawl Stealthy
JR - Guitars, Bass, Drums, Vocals.
FC - Bass, Keyboards, Effects
Record Label: Memento Mori


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