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Necrovorous - Funeral For The Sane Award winner

Funeral For The Sane
by Nikos Makropoulos at 13 June 2011, 7:38 PM

It’s really rare to hear well-played decent death-metal these days especially in Greece, where, almost every band is following the easy way of playing new style death metal to preserve themselves for  a good rate and acceptance in general. There are only few who still believe and enjoying the good old death metal genre, especially the European part of it, with bands like Benediction, Dismember, Asphyx, Demilich, Entombed and many others as their main influences.

One of these few bands is Necrovorous, whose name means 'consuming the dead', from Athens Greece. The band formed in 2005 releasing 3 demos of pure gore feeling, until the release of their 10’’ split with Meathole Infection, in which their appear more evolved than their previous demo attempts, giving us a distinctive approach based on the death metal roots. With Shiteater remaining as a founder member the band was inactive, until, 2009 due to continuous line-up changes. When A. Devil pig, joined the band they released, "Crypt of the un-embalmed cadavers" 7" ep, under the wings of Blood Harvest records, preparing the soil for the next blood-spattered harvest. Finally in 2010 with permanent members, Grave Defiler on bass and Soul Extractor on the guitar they were ready to begin the harvest.

As a result, here in 2011 their first full length album "Funeral For The Sane" ’is exactly what they meant to play. Old school death metal as its finest shape and form, straight out from the depths of the golden era of the most extreme music ever played.

From the creepy and crawling intro "Sanity's Fail", you can feel the cold and absurd coming of "Succubus Dormitory" entering with an in-your-face shredding riff along with a high pitched beat blasting without mercy. "The Flesh That Smiles", "The Vilest Of Dreams" and "Mind Lacerations", are full of mid tempos main parts with attitude and fast breaks outs, so raging and angry suitable for endless moshing and head banging.

The band got skills and nerve enough to make you wanna hear the songs over and over again. Killer full throttle riffs alternating with wise put solos, creating a dim and deadly feeling, in the name of the Great Old Ones, the vocals thick as fuck and growling, along with screams and totally chaotic verses. An excellent work.

"Funeral For The Sane" gave me a big wide smile and made me remember the days when I first begun listening to death metal, when the genre was so pure, fucking insane
and grim. The guys are able for more excellent attempts and they will surely be. Until then.. Keep on rotting! Great job you guys!

4 Star Rating

1. Sanity's Fall (Intro)
2. Succubus Dormitory
3. The Flesh That Smiles
4. The Vilest Of All Dreams
5. Death knells
6. Mind Lacerations
7. Malignant   Entrapment
8. Spawn Of Self Abhorrence
9. Funeral for the Sane
10. Dwellers of My Flesh
A. Devil Pig - Guitar, Vocals
Grave Defiler - Bass
Soul Extractor - Guitar
Shit Eater - Drums
Record Label: Blood Harvest Records


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