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Need - Orvam: A Song For Home

Orvam: A Song For Home
by YngwieViking at 14 March 2014, 1:12 PM

For their third official release NEED, a Modern Dark and Introspective Prog metal/Stoner Rock band based in Athens, Greece , opted for the weird title "Orvam: A Song For Home" and for this incredible cover-art, in the same time attractive and disgusting.

If I have to play the tricky reviewer comparison game, well, my bet will be: contemporary FATES WARNING meets MASTODON meets softer NEVERMORE meets ENGINE… The vocal similarities with present-day Ray Adler are numerous and obvious… The very thick atmosphere and the feeling of crushing ambient is constant, uplifted by ethnic overtones… The players are quite good but there are no self-indulgent demonstrations, the somber vibes and the shifting momentums are the most important part of this album… The final Hammond organ parts at the end of the beautiful “Lifeknot” is the perfect example of that dare everything spirit/risky attitudes.

The multi-vocal layers choir in counterpoint and the tribal groove for the dazzling “Entheogen” are very addictive and quite intriguing, strange, hallucinogenic and almost psychedelic…A limitless perspective of styles in a maelstrom of sensations. The mental quintessence is vigorous on the flip side , the technical complexion is also impressive & perfect , the mixing duties were magically provided by the renowned knobs master: Neil Kernon (DOKKEN / QUEENSRYCHE / NEVERMORE / PROTOTYPE), the final sounding is top notch and can match easily with the threshold of perfection displayed by the actual big names. The fifteen minutes closing track “Orvam” and  the spoken words intro “Hotel Oniro“ is the most challenging moment, hard to integrate and in contrast very simple to denied… Perseverance is required.

Although this disc isn’t for everyone as its deep emotional message and its spiritual aspect, are an acquired taste and a long term inner orientation of thoughts and an intellectual self-examination relationship… Far from the easy listening method and ambient consumerism: seven tracks for a short shamanic initiation and a contemplative trip based on the development of the secret senses.

A safe journey without chemical interaction for the thinking headbanger and the clever kind, pristine and genuine but it remains very difficult to catch the true meaning and the primordial essence.

4 Star Rating

1. Lifeknot
2. Entheogen
3. Symmetrape
4. Mother Madness
5. Construct
6. Hotel Oniro
7. Orvam
Ravaya - Lead Guitars
Anthony Hatzis - Keyboards
Jon V. - Lead Vocals
Victor - Bass
Stelios - Drums
Record Label: Trailblazer Records


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