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Nefesh - Contaminations

by YngwieViking at 14 April 2014, 12:21 AM

The Italian Progressive Metallers NEFESH are proud to unleash and spread their third album "Contaminations" in the streets via REVALVE Records and my task is to provide a -in deep analysis- to quote this work in a fair way. The critic job is sometimes difficult, but creating music is much more demanding and it’s a major art… And it requires many god gifts and a strong determination to reach an average level of satisfaction, in NEFESH’s case their talent and dedication is unquestionable, the objective reality is that the band is also at the peak of its career with this third album, it's also obvious that their own method is enriched by a specific creativity. I admire the fact that they want to stick to a very original style, with a unique vision in their own heterogenic merge of modern and timeless Metal ingredients.

However the first listening sessions were strange, intriguing and destabilizing at the highest point… I had to struggle with myself in order to give an authentic advice, because I noticed right from the start, that the musicians involved in this "Contaminations" were in a very honest position, so I had to honor this implication by giving my best, and to give a constructive review, favorable or bad: no matter what… They deserves my impartial concern… I’m glad I persevered. I was quickly convinced by the intelligent lyrical framework, alternating English with their native language, something that I took immediately in a very comfortable mode, and I feel it adds some new vibes and an undeniably solid spirit to these songs and can even been considered as an asset to given credibility to the whole… Finally, it appears as one of the most interesting and relevant parameters in this album.

The band has already received some very positive reviews and good feedbacks for their past works, especially for their “Shades and Lights” album, that clearly demonstrated their abilities to improve the new elements in presence leading to a singular result, a musical experiment featuring new shifts, a perfect communion of stylistic opposition, NEFESH is generally appreciated for composing challenging music and fusing genres, and with "Contaminations" once again the Italian band is ready to represent themselves to the public with eleven tracks full of a rich and genuine sound, with a very personal mix, between Alternative / Post Metal and powerful Metalcore / Prog Metal blend, supported by a discreet layers of keyboards and an almost Gothic piano, or a few bombastic orchestral strings arrangements .

The thematic, the pace and the textures are in a constant target of evolution and in an ever changing mood, like an improbable bastard child of SYSTEM OF A DOWN and EVERGREY meets MUSE, the most impressive and versatile factor is the possessed singing parts by Paolo Tittarelli, skilled, antagonist, absorbing and passionate, from growls to croon, from hysterical snarl shrieks to operatic tenor and even ethereal falsetto, all the contradictory vocal tricks are perfectly used to complete this enigmatic canvas of sounds.

The consistency and the coherency is exemplary here, but sometimes it seems it can't avoid an awkward feeling or to perceived in the middle of the tracklist a tiny decay in the necessary focus, a curious sensation of slight disconnection with NEFESH and its music…So you understand me perfectly : This is not easy listening stuff, demanding but rewarding. Recommended to open-minded Headbangers and cerebral Rock music lovers.

4 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Reborn Togheter
3. Una Piacevole Sorpresa
4. The Shades
5. My Black Hole (trilogy part I)
6. Figlio Della Vita (trilogy part II)
7. My White Stars (trilogy part III)
8. Dreams Beyond The Sky
9. Oltre Me
10. After The End
11. Outro
Paolo Tittarelli - Vocals
Luca Lampis - Guitars
Diego Brocani - Bass
Stefano Carloni - Keyboards
Michele Baldi - Drums
Record Label: Revalve Records


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