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Nefesh - Shades And Lights

Shades And Lights
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 29 December 2011, 1:07 PM

The Hebrew term, or psychological or philosophical, of "Nefesh" in plain English is the whole self of a person aside from flesh and soul. I see it as an inner meaning, how a person perceives himself. There is also a common opinion that the Nefesh doesn't even exist and its existence is mere spiritual just like the thought about the soul. But there is another NEFESH out there and it is a band that has some connection to the term of the above. It comes from Italy bearing musical progression that is a source for deep spiritual debate following harshness and classical elements.

NEFESH's debut "Shades And Lights" is the follower to their previous demo almost five years ago. It shows a band that went far to perfect their style while diverting their material towards various of Metal and Classical music directions. Alongside their musical complexity, the themes used for this album seemed to be analogous to their name plus adding question marks that implied of not letting anyone who listens to succumb to obvious features but to indulge some serious thoughts about almost anything that is a part of the daily routine, ordinary life with a gaze towards the beyond. I would call it a journey through one's existence.

The tracklist made for this journey is very convincing. NEFESH wrote exemplary material that would put them as one of the respected Progressive Metal acts of the decade. Through amazing songs as "Every Time", the epic 10 minute chant of "Surexi", "Hug Me" and "Tifonomachia", I could feel the hearts of the creators and their personal touch. The shifts between classic and extreme music are smooth and swift while creating a wonderful flow. I enjoyed the guitar work, especially the lead section, and the diverse vocals, along with keyboards, that added the fuel to the ongoing drama.

NEFESH is a band that deserves a respected contract as a promising Progressive Metal act. They are very talented and this is only their debut album so it will be interesting to see what will come next.

4 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Delirium of war
3. Tifonomachia
4. Preludio Every Time
5. Every Time
6. Souther
7. Tears
8. Preludio Hug Me
9. Hug Me
10. I can't fly
11. Surexi
12. Shades and lights
13. Outro
Luca Lampis- Guitars
Stefano Carloni- Keyboards
Andrea Rossi- Bass
Paolo Tittarelli- Vocals
Michele Baldi- Drums
Record Label: Independent


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