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Negator - Gates To The Pantheon

Gates To The Pantheon
by Manel Lilioth at 01 July 2013, 2:12 PM

NEGATOR, this is the kind of groups that Black has dress of blowing away your villain fancies with broad bursts of glowing hate sprayer well, you know. Blasts has its abundance, its atmosphere mammoth World War II, his warrior striking melodies I had learned to consider this group as a worthy to heir to the great MARDUK or DARK FUNERAL. So being tapped me priapism with the latest mischief dated German, aptly named Panzer Metal, and that hearing the first note of this newcomer “Gates To The Pantheon” I realized That this is what NEGATOR was looking for his ten years in its career.

Well yes, to pass from War Black brutal and vindicatory to Black with strong Death trends as a BEHEMOTH would not disavow any (“Nergal, The Raging King”, if that it is not an immense wink with Polish, I want to be that one locks up me with double turn in a wet cellar during eighteen years) and another BELPHEGOR, I acknowledge that even for the ultimate amateur of Death Metal which I am, the pill had a hair of evil to pass. The songs provide a nice dynamic that it makes listening through the plate from front to back. The by Eike Freese produced sound is what state-of-the-art Black / Death that you crumble the makeup from her face. The strings fraction is always clearly distinguished and pierced themselves again and again with very pleasing to the ear leads.

Music is certainly not reinvented the wheel, but the Hanseatic present some songs with intoxicating depth that will captivate the listener to the plate. These pearls you to "Bringer of War” and "Serpents Court", as well as the ultra-aggressive "The Last Sermon", the blasts as hell, offers profound riffing and amused us with speed shouts.  Fans are familiar and agree to the final pressure after ten track yet, because all the songs are invariably the same high level. Highlighting can be best "Serpents Court", my favorite song on the album. Here you can clearly hear how despite continuous double-bass part and then an appealing song timbers, where there is no lack of variability and still pops. A further advantage is of course named frontman Nachtgarm. His vocals are among the best you can currently find in the genre. For all the ferocity and aggressiveness can still understand the words he just nags and that may or may not want everyone.

I would have liked that the production is not quite as smooth comes, as is the case here. But somehow you have to be so technical requirement, which is clear. And maybe the CD sounds a bit better than the mp3s that were available here for evaluation. Otherwise, “Gates To The Pantheon” a great piece of Black Metal that you have to have as friend diabolical sounds are in the closet.

4 Star Rating

1. Epiclesis
2. Bringer of War
3. The Last Sermon
4. Serpents Court
5. Nergal, the Raging King
6. Carnal Malefactor
7. The Urge for Battle
8. Atonement in Blood
9. Revelation 9:11
Nachtgarm - Vocals
Finnskald - Guitar
Kliffjård - Guitar
Hjalmort - Bass
Samebrann - Drums
Record Label: Prosthetic Records


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