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Negligence - Coordinates of Confusion

Coordinates of Confusion
by Mike Novak at 28 October 2010, 10:10 AM

Sometimes it’s nice when something labeled “thrash” actually lives up to its name. That way I do not have to write this whole long review describing everything in intricate detail. Basically if you are a fan of thrash, you should own NEGLIGENCE’s “Coordinates of Confusion.” For those of you who need a long review fix, read on.

NEGLIGENCE hails from Slovenia, of all places. They’ve been around since 2000 and this is their second album (they’ve also released some demos). They have opened for many of the old guard in the thrash genre, and it is not surprising why.

NEGLIGENCE plays a sort of melodic thrash along the lines of TESTAMENT, EXODUS and METALLICA. The heaviness is there, but it is not necessarily a riff onslaught. The songs are pretty standardly structured, but the writing and playing are so strong it is hard to care. There are plenty of well-written solos that never verge into over-indulgence, but are far superior to those pseudo-technical ones metalcore bands seem to favor.

However, this band’s biggest asset is the vocals. They eschew the typical modern thrash style of just growling or yelling tunelessly. Anyone can do that, and the majority does that because they have no actual singing ability whatsoever. They are still suitable for the genre, however. They just craft actual melodies during both the verses and choruses, adding one addition element to making the songs memorable.

The album is pretty consistent throughout, although the only song that they really tear it up is opener “Mind Decay.” Perhaps a few more intense thrashers like that could have elevated this album even further. This band is still relatively young, however, and they show plenty of promise. I look forward to hearing what the future holds.

4 Star Rating

  1. Mind Decay
  2. Screaming Fear
  3. Addicted To Aggression
  4. Disharmony
  5. The Way To…
  6. Insane Asylum
  7. The Q Box
  8. Sickened
  9. Shark Attack
  10. Coordinates Of Confusion
Alex - Vocals
Jey - Guitar
Lipnik - Bass
Ruzz - Drums
Aljo - Guitar
Record Label: Metal Blade Records


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